Help with Chun-Li TE ps3 player lights

my light 1 and light 4 don’t work as player indicator lights.

i believe it’s because i may have accidently cut a trace on the back of the PCB after dual modding.
Does anyone know an alternative spot where i could repair the trace?

That would be hard to saw with out seeing where you cut the trace.
Before jumping to conclusions, try to find these cut traces, ans see where they lead too

Photos would be helpful
the cut goes up to the 3rd, the bottom 2 left points were soldered together from factory, didn’t really cause any problems but i decided to separate them, i used an exacto to make sure there was a separation, but the knife slipped >.<

i marked the area in red, and the blue was where i was thinking of attaching a small wire, since that’s how i repaired a cut trace on my dvd drive when flashing the firmware. i’m just not sure if thats where it should go.

it looks like the trace runs to pin 3 from the bottom left, but i’m no expert >.>

also, it still works in 360/ps3, but no light for #1 and #4 in ps3.

bump because i still need halp =[

your multimeter is your best friend. I remember in one TE board, the client tried dual modding and it didn’t work. He burned off the usb pads, solderbridged everything and it turns out he cut the trace for a button. The way I fixed it was to use a fine tip soldering iron and tin it running over the trace. It scraped up the green gunk and retraced the area. No guarantees on if it will work or not but that method worked fine for me. Its either that or scrape the entire trace and measure with a multimeter where it dies and fix it from there.

Your other solution works fine too as long as you know where to connect the point and if the area you’re reconnecting to isn’t cut