Help with chun li team

am new to the marvel games and dont know much on how team building goes and all that
so any help on a team that based around chun would be awesome

Wesker is definitely a staple on my team because of his OTG (downward slanting Samurai Edge) assist. It’s a very nice combo extender for Chun. As for the other team member, most will say pick a beam assist so that Chun can get in. In vanilla I’d been using Magneto for that purpose. Perhaps others have thoughts as to good beam assists in UMvC?

Doctor Doom’s Plasma Beam assist is what I use, it works very well with Chun Li, in my opinion the best beam assist and the best assist for Chun Li period.

I agree that the best kind of assist for Chun Li is a beam.

Thirded. My Chun teams are Vergil/Chun/Doom and Chun/Wesker/Doom.

Beam is too strong.

Rocky’s spitfire and (obv) Sent drones work well too.

What Vergil assist do you feel like compliments Chun the best?

Prolly the fullscreen rush slashing thingy. Chun needs help with her approach.
The uppercut assist is not that useful and the orb thing doesn’t control enough space.

Changed my Chun team yet again. Chun (Y)/Frank (A)/Wesker (B)

It can be kind of difficult to get in, but once you’re in, you’re in.

Also, Wesker anchor is just broken beyond all belief. He’s like Phoenix in vanilla… the game doesn’t even really start until his shades are off and X-Factor LVL 3 has been popped.

Wesker OP cough cough…