Help with chuns strats

im new with chun and really know nothing about her. i want to know if she can be played anything like a 3s chun. what are her main combos and links into supers. thnx in advance

Here, read this guide by Gandido and u will become a decent Chunny Bunny in no time.:cool:

Are you sure you want to read that? My crazy PR buddy Pacodido wrote that… and last I heard, his ultimate Chun-li strategy was kara cancel d.MP into super (so the d.MP doesn’t even hit). Plus “dude, my MP’s never come out!” whenever he wants to do the link combo.

*yes, I’m hating as well…

I hate my inconsistency =(

I’ve updated that faq though a couple of times but I haven’t taken my time to upload it anywhere. Guess I’ll put it here later.

yea, hook that ish up please.

hopefully you did more in terms of character matchups.