Help with Cody Fundamentals



I’ve been Playing Cody for 3 weeks now and i really like him I have some issues with him though maybe i’m over looking some of his moves, but i need help trying to figure out a few Fundamentals of gameplay

1: What is Cody’s Best/Reliable Anti-Air?
2: how does Cody Punish/Cancel Blanka Balls

those are really my only two questions. any help is appreciated

  1. depends on the range where your opponent gonna land.
  • is his “best” anti air persé, it’s quick and has a good hitbox and is your best friend for nromal jump ins and neutral jumps.
  • is a little slower but has more forward reach then you can also stuff their jump start, if used within reach [it’s one of codys main pokes]. it’s used against jump ins where the opponent is gonna land in front of you.
  • hk ruffian is quick aswell, and travels cody forward. good against floaty jumps. can be used against any reach, if timed properly.
  • close hk. can be used against neutral jumps, and to a certain degree against crossups. but again, it’s rather slow and you’re best of blocking crossups and using vs neutral jumps.
  1. there is a whole video dedicated to that little green annoying jungle battery: [media=youtube]8GKewBW5lSE[/media]


thank you sir


Don’t forget far fierce and is a cross-up avoider and far fierce serves the same purpose as far roundhouse, but is slightly higher up. Both trade a lot (s.hp,

#5 is a great move, its an anti-air, a cross avoider, can be used to go under fireballs, punish high pokes and is a great bait/footsie tool.

cody has a vast array of anti airs with HK ruffian probably being the best one. But my personal favorite is toward jump LK. It will beat most moves in the air and you can dash quickly after landing for an easy cross under.