Help with Cody trial stages 18 & 21

Im new with this game and dont know the moves well,
but ive managed to complete trial stages up to 17, 19 and 20.
What i cant do is 18 and 21.
I was wondering if theres a technique that im missing? or maybe a way to time my moves?
but mostly i dont know how to EX focus cancel for 21.
any help would be great! thanks :slight_smile:

usually a good idea to check one or all of the stickied threads or possibly the Q&A thread :sweat:

looking @ a vid like one of these might help also

good luck w/the double FADC in trial 24 :nunchuck:

thanks, i tried posting my question on the Q&A thread :slight_smile:
hopefully this will help me with my game :smiley: