Help with color scheme/bezel/balltop/button issue

So… question; several respones would be ideal.

I ordered the vermillion bezel: GameShark? Store - New Arrivals

From what I can tell, it’s a dark red, a crimson(blood) red as it were.

And this is the normal red bezel: GameShark? Store - New Arrivals

A little lighter than the vermillion that I purchased, correct? Okay…

I think it was posted that all the Bezel’s match their Sanwa counterparts, buttons and balls… and for a while I was under the impression that vermillion was a dark/crimson red because that’s what I’m seeing in the Madcatz/vermillion bezel. With that impression I’ve been looking into buttons and a balltop.

This is where I hit quite a bit of walls. Everywhere I’m looking ( etokki/lizardlick ) Sanwa vermillion is in fact an orange-red, not a dark red. Looking closer ( wikipedia ) it is indeed an orange red color:

" Vermilion is also the name of the typical color of the natural ground pigment, which is a bright red tinged with orange. " - wikipedia


SO. What’s my point? My point is I wanted a red (or) dark red theme going on, bezel/buttons/balltop matching and all. I’m a bit confused as how to procede however because I have no idea what the Madcatz bezel is going to look like, since in the picture it’s clearly a dark red, but the color being advertised ( vermillion ) doesn’t match it’s description, and it’s taking forever to ship.

Any advice? I know Markmans at evo so I’m sure he’s busy, but any thoughts would help.

edit: copied from Madcatz thread so I could get a few more responses.

As far as I know the madcatz parts are intended to match Sanwa colors. A lot of Sanwa colors are funky so I would just go with buying so the color names match instead of looking at some bad pictures online. If the madcatz colors match Sanwa colors then the vermillion bezel will be quite orange and quite bright.

If you want a dark red definitely go with “Red”.

Someone correct me if I’m wrong.

Mhm… the only way I’ll know is to wait for it to get here. I’ll update you guys on the actually color when it does I guess.

Only Markman, and the people that seen the bezels themselves @Evo can verify this. Cuz Madcatz “vermilion” really does just look dark red, and not SANWA vermilion.

which would, if true, bring a whole new question to the table. Does the Madcatz vermillion even have a sanwa counterpart?

Not that I know of, SANWA red is just normal Red, it’s like the stock red bezel on a the Round 1 and 2 sticks.

They’re probably just reversed.