Help with combos...


So I feel I have the basics nailed (or as good as I’m going to be at them) but I’m struggling slightly with completing combo sequences, I’m using controller so I don’t know if this might be part of the problem but I can never guarantee ify combos will work.
I have the guide and have just been practicing against the dummy with random combos but it seems to be hit or miss as to whether a combo works for me, sometimes it will sometimes it won’t yet I don’t seem to be doing anything differently.
Does anybody have any tips on how to nail a combo at least 80% of the time?


And at the moment 80% of them are failing


Break the combo down into individual components and practice each component separately.

Once you have them consistent, then try to do two of them together.

Is there any particular combo you’re struggling with?


Ryu: axe kick, St lk, xx ex tatsu.
Not just this one but most of them as I seem to struggle with the timing of the cancel on all combos, sometimes it’s comes off but most of the time it doesn’t even though I’m not doing anything different.
I know there is a tiny window to cancel one move inot another but surley it can’t be that small that I don’t notice any difference?


That combo isn’t two cancels though. It’s a link and a cancel. When you are linking two normals, you have to learn when the move has finished and when the soonest you can press the button for the next normal. Canceling is what happens into the ex.tatsu. When you cancel, you cut off the recovery of the previous move and go into the next one. Each requires its own separate timing and you can’t just mash three buttons in quick succession and hope the combo connects.

Do what chopperbyrne said. First practice the axe kick, link until you can nail the link consistently. Then practice xx ex.tatsu so you get a feel for the timing for the cancel. Then put the two together and practice that.


hang in there Bridga83. the advice so far in this thread is very helpful and you should follow it. it’s important to know the difference between a ‘link’ and a ‘cancel’. don’t be afraid to be a beginner. this stuff takes time and the more you practice the more you’ll just understand how everything in the game works. it’s frustrating for everyone when getting started so you’re not alone here.
break the combo down like this:

  1. back+HK, LINK the st.LK. that’s it. just practice this over and over until it becomes second nature.
  2. then just practice st.LK CANCELED into EX tatsu. it’s a cancel so it must be done quickly. you have to have the motion and buttons pressed just after the st.LK hits. don’t wait after you’ve pressed the LK, just immediately go into qcb+kk. so it would look like st.Lk qcb+kk, all one motion.
  3. start putting it all together and practice practice practice. once you get this down, future combos will be easier for you.

if you’re having a hard time telling the difference between a LINK and a CANCEL, a link is when you can connect another move after the first one has completely finished. a cancel is when you cut off the rest of the animation from a move to start a new move, thus ‘canceling’ the recovery of that move. these are just layman terms and there’s more technicality to it but this should get your brain wrapped around the concept.


Also, in the beginning it might be a good idea to hold forward on the stick right after doing the axe kick. Then you’re sure to get st. LK and you can move a half circle backward for EX Tatsu easily without getting a cr.LK by mistake. It also makes it easier to go for a HP Shoryuken after the LK if you don’t want to spend meter.


One more thing I wanted to add. Set the training dummy to block after the first hit if you aren’t already doing this. That way you’ll know you did the combo correct when you can actually do it.


Everyone’s advice is solid. I’ll add one more nugget - Turn on the input display in training mode. This way you can see what you’re doing wrong. You’d be surprised how insane you inputs can be until you really analyze them and refine them.


Thanks all for your advice, just wanted to make it clear that it’s the timing I’m struggling with, I understand the difference between a cancel and a link, I’m finding the links fine it’s just the cancelling into moves that I struggle with, seems you have to be spot on every time for it to work


If it’s the same combo as you wrote above, then just try doing the st. lk xx EX Tatsu until you get that timing. Start doing the motion asap after you hit the button for st. lk, but not too soon or you’ll get a cr. lk