Help with Combos

For some reason I’m having a very hard time doing the cw -> s.hp combo, any pointers about exactly when to hit hp?

Right now I only get it maybe once in 10 :wasted:

Well, if you hit HP and you dont see fei long go into the hp animation then your hitting HP too early.

If you hit HP and you do see fei long go into the animation, but its blocked, you’re hitting it too late.

Just try hitting HP late, and then cut the time inbetween until you start linking it.

The thing is, I’ve tried that, and I alternate between hitting too early and too late, I can’t seem to get the window just right. :frowning:

which kick did you use to do the cw? they all have different timing, i have not seen the frame thing but the easiet one you can do is using a hk cw then st hp, it is just after he land.

Time it…to where his foot is about to touch the ground. Or just touches the ground.

Yes, I’ve been using hk cw, I’ll give the foot thing a try, thanks.

Thanks! That tip did it, that’s exactly what I needed.

Now I have to learn to do it without having to watch fei’s feet the entire match :slight_smile:

only EX/HK CW will allow for a link afterwards. with lk and mk cw you can’t do anything.