Help with comp game error

Ive been getting this error when i log off from League of Legends, which so far the only way i can make it work again is by uninstalling the game and reinstalling it all over again. i just recently upgraded to windows 7 32b, and the game runs fine except that i cant make it run again after i log off…

The error message is the following:

ASSERT: Pointer is NULL…(…\source\shared\bufferlog.c\98)

i dont have the slightest idea but if someone can help let me know id gladly giv you my aim so u can xplain unless you can do it through here.

Thanks in advance!

You really might be better off asking this on the league of legends forum

There’s the cause of your problem. Possible solutions:

  • reinstall the game to a new folder
  • move the current installation to Program Files, or take it out of Program Files if it is already there
  • run the launcher as Adminstrator

ooook got it fixed jus had2 run as admin