Help with computer: hard drive problem

don’t know if there is a computer help thread but i had to replace my hard drive because it died on me. i bought a hard drive off ebay for 60$. i installed the hard drive and then used the recovery disc that game with my gateway computer. everyone works fine(though theres nothing on this hard drive at all) except the wireless internet. all of a sudden my laptop doesn’t have wireless anymore. what should i do? how can i get my wireless to work again. sorry if this is confusing you, i’m a horrible writer.

go here:

Go into Device manager and see if the wireless card got disabled. Also check network connections and make sure that the wireless connection is enabled there.

you can also try to download a new driver for your wireless card from gateway’s web site.

I would assume it’s the driver. Go the website for the manufacturer of your wireless card and install the latest drivers for it.

And like Bastos said, post future computer questions in the Computer Help thread.