Help with controlling space versus Claw

pressure him

Go back and read the ST DeeJay thread and the Remix DeeJay thread, solid anti claw stuff is in both of them and the ST stuff is still relevant. Like you said you tend to do better in this match up with DeeJay so why not just stick with him?

dude, thank you.Snipped for cleanliness, but best and most elaborate and well thought out post i’ve read here in ages.

Haven’t had too much practise yet, but in the couple of matches where i’ve played an offensive vega in the last day or so, once he gets inside the distance where he has a couple of different poke options (seems to be just around slide poke range) i’ve been whoring straight up jump + react and it’s done a ton of damage.Thanks for this tip and i appreciate the time that you put into your excellent post.Am mixing this up with a couple of other tricks from this thread and i’ve seen a turnaround in this matchup literally over a few days.:lovin:

2 or 3 tips from this thread, along with playing a little more strategically and pushing myself to be a little less laid back in this matchup have really turned this around for me since i posted.Thanks all.

Any more good stuff keep it coming.100% thanks.

EDIT; PS-I’ve decided to put more time into learning claw, just to get myself into the head of the average vega user, and get to know his strengths/weaknesses a bit better…I used to use him in Hyper fighting as an alternate, but he’s evolved into a much more formidable character in ST/HDR…know your enemy, and all that stuff…

Training mode here we come…