Help with corner unblockables for non shotos

I don’t get how you do the double knee drop after the aegis or the whiff jump that RX does in the Wanted videos. Also…do both midscreen unblockables cover all the chars? I know that the dash headbutt unblockable only works on shotos, makoto and chun. So does that mean the dash tackle unblockable is used on every other character?

If youre talking about the one Im thinking of (tackle an airborn opponant, cancel into jab Aegis), you have to do the afformentioned, wait for them to bounce off the Aegis and hit the ground (charging back while you do this mind you), do a RH tackle as the hit the ground (will probably take a few times to get it right, once you get it right though its easy).
As you do the RH tackle charge down , wait just a LITTLE bit (again youll understand the timing once youve done it a few times, then do a RH VKD.

If that wasnt the one you meant , Im sorry, lol. Hope this helps. Ill let someone else answer your other question cause Im not positive.

I think he means the version where you whiff 2-3 moves to charge, then do the RH knee drop to initiate unblockable. For example, against Chun, it’s:

tackle (LK) XX Aegis (LP) --> as soon as Chun bounces, you do knee Drop (LK?MK?) to push her into the corner (instead of the whiffed RH tackle), then you whiff two cr. foward, then you do RH knee drop to initiate.

He could also be referring to the partition unblockables. Those were you would do an empty jump toward the enemy after you connect tackle xx jab aegis and go for and immediate kneedrop.

Only time can tell exactly what he means.

Throw Urien in on the list of the dash headbutt unblockable.

Yes, I believe the dash tackle works on everyone else. The timing on it changes a little depending on how the character juggles/bounces. That being said, I find Alex/Dudley a pain in the ass to practice on. I barely use this at all, if ever in the arcade. If it doesn’t work on everyone (I’d be skeptical on Hugo), someone else can fill it in.

The jump, dash, kneedrop that RX uses is one of the easier partitions to learn. It’s got virtually no “timing” required in the charging itself (just in the jump), and is very comparable to the dash headbutt used in the dash headbutt unblockable. Simply jump, hold down, dash, hold down, kneedrop. There’s no guessing on when to start holding down, just as soon as you jump. The double kneedrop doesn’t require any partitioning, but the timing on the first one can be tricky.

The rest of you guys (cept CyanideAssassin) are talking bout some wieeeeerd shit.

watch Chapter 1 for midscreen UB on hugo…

I was talking about how Urien can do cr.fierce, tackle, jab aegis, then a mk or rh knee drop that whiffs and pushes them into the corner and then you do another knee drop that. You can also jump up in the air after the aegis and push them down near the aegis. The only problem is…i can’t do it! I heard you have to reach the juggle limit in order to do the unblockables…is that true?

No. thats not true. Only if you want to do the Rh knee drop(whiff), Another one to break gaurd. If you do not max the hits out, then obviously the whiffed RH kneedrop will hit, knocking them right down to the floor.

Other Unblockables like the jump forward one, Juggle limit maxed is not needed.

okay for the jump one…do you have to dash partition the knee drop? I’m having trouble with the jump unblockable. and what strenght knee drop should I use for the whiff knee drop?

You use hk kneedrop. I found myself using the mk version but either should work as long as the timing is right.

For the jump one against the shotos you do tackle xx jab aegis in the corner and time your forward jump around the same time you opponent hits the aegis. On the way up charge down and as soon as you hit the ground, dash forward and charge down as the dash comes out.

From there you just whiff a jab for timing sake and let a hk kneedrop rip and watch the action.