Help with creating a image for my stick

Hi, just wondering if it is possible that someone could help me out by editing a picture for me since I lack photoshop because my comp is hardly good enough to run paint. lol

Anyways, my general idea was to put this image…
onto a stick. However, being as how I would like the image to not get cut off by either the stick itself or the buttons, I was suggested by a friend to find a image that would be a suitable background for the picture. So I ended up with this one.

However, this is where my problem comes in, because I lack the photoshop program, and more importantly, the skills to edit images. I was wondering if someone would be kind enough to help me out.

The idea that I decided to come up with is use the second image as the background (stretched out to 10.75 by 8.25 inches), and then the first image would be on the lower right stick of the picture where the word “enter” is to put in psylocke from the first image. The only real problem is that in the first picture, Psylocke is hanging onto something in a shadow, so I would’nt know how hard it would be to blend Psylocke coming in from the shadow into the blue background. Maybe cut and paste the entire shadow and psylocke into the lower right hand side of the picture, while leaving out the rest?

Agian, the size of the picture would be 10.75 by 8.25 inches. And the shape of the base on my stick looks like this…

What I’m hoping for in the end is that the background will be enough to cover the stick, while the Psylocke in the first picture would be centered under the buttons. And lastly, I wanted one of these frames of Psylocke walking backwards (hopefully a frame where her legs are either crossing, or already crossed) in between the Psylocke that is haning and the one from in the background and overlapping her sword.

Heh, anyways, so pretty much, use this image stretched to 10.75 by 8.25 inches

Have this image somewhere close to the lower right side but with about a 1 of space between the end of the background image, and her hand.

And finally, a frame of this gif of her walking backwards, hopfully just somewhere between her starting to cross her legs, to being completly crossed. Any frame between those would be sweet! Just a bit shorter than the Psylocke holding the sword (shorter by about a inch or two) and overlapping the sword.

If someone would’nt mind helping me out, I would greatly appreicate it! :slight_smile:

If I need to be any clearer (hopefully this post is’nt too confusing) just post up and lemme know.

Thank you in advance!!!

Bump, anyone? :sweat: