Help with cronic jumpers?

I’ve been playing street fighter x tekken since it came out, I know most people hate it but I really enjoy playing it. I’m not a pro gamer, even though I really want to be but I just started last year with this game. I have a good? rank on sfxt. I main in Juri x Vega team.

One of my main problems is anti-airing people. When it comes from a distance I always use cr. HP for Juri or st. HK with Vega, but I need help anti-airing them when they’re up close. I fight somebody who uses Asuka and his whole strategy with her is to use j.HP to go into a combo. I can stop him with anti airs from a distance but once he gets it close I don’t know what to do? Any advice?

even the best players get blown up by this strategy esp online.

fwd dash
or use a special with good forward or verticle movement.

cant tell you how many fraud cammys used to do this crap… jab jab jump lk repeat until u land a boost.

i tried crouching but her j.hp always hits, i tried using vega’s backflips but by the time it ends he’s doing another j.hp i never tried forward dashing tho, but thanks for the advice and at least i know i’m not the only one having trouble

This is actually my biggest problem with online matches. I lose HARD to the c.jab c.jab jump crossup cr.jab cr.jab players. I Don’t know why. Seeing as I play Asuka I can tell you, don’t let her get that pressure on you. IN addition don’t jump in on her often either. Since 2013 her wheel kick has become a godlike anti-air.

I also play Juri so I can tell you that when she’s close up and you see her throwing out her arms, toss out a counter/parry (qcb P). Its a great way to get out of a sticky situation like that with Asuka. Also a jumpback lk from Juri would beat out Asuka’s j.HP as the hitbox is rather wonky in the air.

In addition like Lucha said, a forward dash works great with Juri since not only does she duck low but its incredibly fast. It might take some practicing to do it on reaction but it definitely works.

Naoki i dashed under and managed to do her super and hit her thanks both for your help, do you have any advice on Juri? like combos and stuff?

Several ways to blow this up…

  • dash forward > punish (already mentioned)

  • kasatushi > punish (already mentioned, but be careful of using the hp version since asuka can easily catch you with f+lk for 350 damage)

  • depending on how close they are you can possibly AA with then forward dash under them as they reset for a crossup. doesn’t do as much damage as cr.hp but can sometimes hit behind juri’s head and has a better hitbox overall.

  • super neutral into full combo, risky but it’s better for asuka to hit you out of the air than to get a full jump-in combo

  • cl.hp xx lk.senpusha/fuhajin store. The timing on this takes practice but will blow up asuka’s j.hp easily when you have it down.

  • tripguard with xx senpusha. NONE of asuka’s jumping attacks hit low enough to tag Juri out of a… this will take some practice though.

You main Vega? All you need to do is neutral jump HK. That move beats nearly every air to air in the game. Or you can just air throw.