Help with cross-ups and wake-ups

Hi guys, I mainly use Dee Jay and I am not so bad (I often score 5 or 7 hits combos with ease).
I can easily beat the strongest AI but as soon as I start playing again real strong players I loose so fast! :crybaby:

My main problem is that I don’t know how to properly block or counter cross-ups or wake-up moves (AI doesn’t perform such attacks and so I can’t train).

For example I have just lost about 10 matches in a row against a Ken player.
As soon as I am down, just before rising again, he cross me up and then attack me with combos or dragon punches!
Sometimes he scored 3 perfect matches in a row!!!

The Tatsumaki is too strong and he was continuously doing it upon my head, I really couldn’t do nothing to stop him :frowning:
As soon as I try something, the Tatsumaki strikes me down and he starts his cross-up moves…
What moves can I use in order to avoid cross-ups or wake-up moves with Dee Jay (with Ken I could use dragon punch, right)?
I have tried LK up kicks, but I can’t simple get the right time! I have also tried blocking cross ups, but it seems that I can’t if the opponent has the right timing, am I right?

Thanks and sorry for the long post :smokin:

You can always block these crossups, you just need to check where your opponent is when the attack lands. Basically, if your opponent is to your right, block by holding left, and if your opponent is to your left, block by holding right. Good players can make it hard to know exactly on which side they’re on when they hit you, but their attacks are never unblockable.


For one, make sure you’re blocking high. And if you keep getting hit blocking one way, try the other. It may seem weird to hold forward to block someone jumping at you, but that’s what you have to do sometimes. Then make sure you’re holding away once they’ve crossed up. Blocking low here is generally your best bet. Just watch out for throws (you’ll have to stand up to counter throw).

And lk upkicks are Dee Jay’s ‘best’ reversal, but they aren’t great. Especially on x-up’s, you’ll often whiff the wrong way and get punished. But they have their uses.

I’ve recently picked up Deejay and dude gets raped on wakeup. I have nightmares about crossup tatsus.

Honestly, learn to block before you learn to reversal stuff, because it’s not necessarily in your best interest to reversal. There are a handful of ambiguous crossups in this game that you honestly have to guess which side he picked and block in the opposite way.

And lawl at Ken committing suicide at [media=youtube]jCapuhsOMcg&#t=5m55s[/media]

Actually cross-up hurricanes (especially from Ryu) are possibly the hardest to block correctly on a consistent basis. When he’s in that 0.2 second window flying over the top of your head, performing the LK hurricane slightly earlier or later can really mess with the subsequent block direction. Even worse when he gets a knockdown and does it over again, this time with slightly different timing. See for example, the infamous Daigo comeback when he played Afrolegends at Evo '06.

Ok, thank you for all your hints!
I’ll keep trying :slight_smile:

Oh, and just a tip. Unless you are DeeJay, don’t try to cross up a Boxer. It is the easiest friggen way for Boxer to grab you, and headbutt the shit out of you. People just never learn though.

It’s practice. When someone jumps for a cross up my mind instantly process where they jumped from and where I am currently, then I make the appropriate block. I only really get crossed up when I try to reversal as practice. If you miss judge your cross up, I am always throwing you. People misjudge their attempts and get the noogie/throw almost everytime, as my mind has had half a second to process this based on where they jumped. With some chars like Chun and Vega you can even bait the jump more and run under them for the throw, as I abuse that aspect often. If they do a hair hurricane, it can throw the timing off, so you make the moment to moment adjustment. IMO, it really is about judging the distance between him when he jumps and where you are lying. Akuma and his crossups are a diff story (thanks ps3 lag)…

Bullhonky. People cross me up all the time. : ( Man I suck.

Nope what you are saying is so wrong, set boxer to block in training mode and try a crossup bet you will never hit it and be able to combo afterwards, its difficult enough when he doesnt block :crybaby: boxer sucks

Is his hitbox just really hard to cross up? Also, I got crossed up by Ryu’s j. forward (and hurricane but I don’t think there’s a way to avoid that) last night. How would I get around it?

Also, to add to the original general discussion, sometimes crossups are ambiguous to the point where you have to block opposite to the way your appear to block on the screen. What I mean is that supposed you start on the right and your opponent starts on the left and jumps over you. Sometimes you have to keep holding left and your character sprite will actually block the attack from the left side.

Honda can crossup Boxer with the :d:+:mk: splash, but he can’t do it with his regular :hk:. Incidentally AFAIK Boxer is the only target that Honda won’t crossup 100% with :hk:.

To be honest, I have no idea why Boxer is so hard to cross-up. His hitbox is actually quite large, so I don’t think that is the reason why.

Like I said about the grab, it is a very easy to for Boxer to grab you, if you try to cross him up. Boxer has a fairly decent throw range, which is why it makes it so easy to grab people out of a cross-up.

Man I miss this game. Can’t wait to get my PS3 back.