Help with crossup pressure

Ok, this may be the weakest part of my game. Usually if I get knocked down, the players that consistently kill me have a very solid understanding of their character’s options and are very good at timing their crossups/mixups. Lately, I’ve been running into a few who would cross me up, I would BLOCK it and go from back to down-back but apparently not fast enough and I was being cr.shorted or jabbed to another special and/or knockdown (Ryu, Fei, Yun, Yang, Ken, Akuma are the main culprits here). I’m sure lag has some effect here because I know when I watch my inputs on replays my motion was correct and timely. Add in the threat of a tick throw and this is the bane of my Gouken and THE situation that I need to conquer.

How do you guys deal with this kind of pressure?

Is this too simple a topic for a response? Does no one have to deal with this?:wow:

That sounds like typical online bullcrap. I try to stay away from online play. Thank goodness Dallas has a pretty good size SF community.

Seriously, if I get hit by anything after the cross up it’s cause I was pushing buttons or trying to do something. You deal with it by blocking and teching. They have three options, blockstring you out, throw/kara throw, or block string till they push you to a range where they can cross up again.

Block vs the block string.

Tech vs the throw

jump back mp/EX counter vs the cross up.

I’m not a noob. I understand those three simple things. Countering this pressure from excellent players is not this simple. I am getting hit low after blocking the initial cross up attack. To my knowledge, this should not be possible.

I personally have mixed results from backdash and auto correct ex tatsu. The backdash ends up getting punished but usually with a light attack that resets the situation, EX tatsu doesn’t hit crouchers so it needs to come out when their crossup attack should hit. However, this still sucks.

I didn’t say you were a noob, but you are either playing with excessive lag or you are pushing buttons. That’s pretty much it. There is no magic way to bypass low blocking.

I never said anything about a backdash or EX tatsu btw. I would never trust EX tatsu on a cross up as you are just as likely to get an EX flip if the inputs cross up. In fact the only time I have ever used an EX tatsu against a crossup is when I meant to do an EX flip and got that instead (much to my happiness). Backdash is too slow and not enough distance to use vs anyone. I hate even having to backdash a level 3 FA on wakeup cause it seems like ever since AE you can’t escape it anymore with out getting hit.

If you like, I can just erase my posts and you can go back to crickets as a response instead of me telling you what I do…

About EX flip/ EX tatsu on wakeup…

for fei long in Super there used to be a wakeup OS where you input HK wing when they were jumping at you. It option selects to autocorrect flame kick if they crossed up. It seems the same option is there for us with Gouken. I had it a couple times on accident but havent tested it out yet. Anyone want to test it out?

Possibly DF, D, DB, B + kick? I’m pretty sure if they cross up it gets changed to EX Flip.

Cross-up pressure is a staple of the SF series (along with tick throws). You either know how to fight against it, or you are dead.

Here are some tips: stop thinking about punishing and start blocking. While I know it may be difficult to resist the urge to EX kongo, EX tatsu or EX demon flip, understand that once an opponent lands a single cross-up attack against you, they’ll go back to it every time. A huge chunk of the cast has safe jump and option selects going for them, its simply in your best interest to learn how/when to block.

For crossups, go with blocking as LATE as possible. Lots of characters have ambiguous cross-up angles/attacks – blocking early basically guarantee’s you will be hit with a high/mid/low attack once they are on the other side.

Focus dash forward is a viable option for most late cross up. Your forward dash can moves out of the way regardless of whether the hit whiff or being absorbed by attack. And you are out of jab or throw range by then so less mix up to worry about. It is usually good to throw out to see if that will catch them off guard. IF they are going for something like Upper cut FADC frame trap or trying to break your focus, their upper cut might totally whiff and let you max punish.