Help With CrossUps

I’ve been watching a few youtube vids here and there, and apparently when the opponent jumps behind you and lands an attack, that’s called a crossup. If it’s not, it’s still what I’m asking about.

I’ve been playing on the 360 net play and enjoying it. I’m learning a lot from other people and the games are good. I’ve noticed there’s this trick that I can’t do where the opponent jumps jjjuuuust right and can land an attack that counts as coming from the other direction. I figure I have to block towards them and sometimes that works. Other times, blocking away from them works. But it’s not consistent, even though it appears to be similar (obviously it’s not, because the way to block is not).

Can someone explain how to handle these? How can you tell what side the attack will be considered as coming from?

There is fake crossup, ambigious crossup, crossup that land you in front of your opponent, non crossup that lands you in the back of the opponent.

No general rules, you have tyo learn each move and the distance that makes crossup or not.

It’s possible to do a jump-in that’s very ambiguous as to whether it’s a crossup or not. Other moves look like they’ll crossup but won’t, due to their hitboxes. With experience you’ll be able to read them faster, and block appropriately. Until then you pretty much have to learn to guess right.

Sometimes, if you have the opportunity, you can step forward or backward as they jump toward you and force their jump to land on one side predictably.

As with all things, it just takes practice and experience to learn when to step, block, or just plain guess.