Help with cthulu

Just got a TE fightstick for xbox360 and want to buy a cthulu to make it work for ps3 when i go to tourneys and such, i read the tuts and guides but it wasn’t the same as what i was looking at : the screw in board, what do i need to get with this just assume i have nothing at all not even a screwdriver. just don’t want to order one thing but not another thing i need. Thanks in advance

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There is a walk through on how to do the mod in the sticky threads. It specifically deals with the SE, not the TE, but the materials list is the same.

Just omit all the stuff about soldering?

Unless I misunderstand completely, at the very least you’re still going to have to solder to the main +v and ground of the TE board.

Check out the “2 pcbs in one stick?” or any of the dual console moding threads in the sticky thread I linked you.

you’re in for a lot of soldering either way. there’s less soldering if you have an assembled kit because you can screw in the wires into the terminal blocks for the directions and buttons but you’re still gonna have to solder the other part of the wire from the cthulu to the 360 board and atleast the ground and +v between the two pcbs. you’re in for even more soldering if you use a chimp/imp board.

and to answer the question if you want to do the most basic dual mod you’re going to need:
-Cthulhu. Cost: $35 from LizardLick. Also available from
-30 AWG Kynar wire. Cost: About $5 at RadioShack, if they actually have it. I just order 100 foot rolls on Ebay.
-Wire strippers that are capable of stripping 30 AWG wire. A lot of them don’t have holes that small. This one from Amazon is just $7, though I prefer a different design.
-A drill.
-A soldering iron. Cost: About $8 for a crappy one from RadioShack. Good enough!
-Solder. Cost: About $5 from RadioShack.
-At least one screw to mount the Cthulhu. It needs to be a little longer than the SE stick screw that it will be replacing. When installing in a TE stick, additional screws will not be necessary.
-USB B to A cable

in that set up you’ll have two wired sticking out of your case

to mod it so you only need one USB Cable you’ll want a chimp board instead of a cthulu.

this is to have strictly 360 and ps3 compatibility. if you want the Multiconsole cthulu support than you’re going to need a MC cthulu instead of a regular cthulu/chimp and all the other stuff listed after “**If installing an RJ-45 jack:” **in bomberman’s guide.