Help With Custom Arcade Stick!

Hello guys, I have a quick question about the custom Arcade Stick that I’m building. It’s for Xbox 360 using the PCB from an Xbox 360 Controller. Now, the problem I’m having is that all of the buttons and directions from the Joystick work outside of any actual fight inside of Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3. The Xbox Dashboard works perfectly as well as character selection and navigation within UMvC3. But when I go inside training mode to test the buttons, Nothing works aside from All of the Directions, A, Back, Guide, and Start. Also, right when the round starts, it says that S,L,M,H,P1, and P2 are being pressed, a character is hard tagged immediately when it starts. When i hit Start, inside training mode, they work just fine (A, B, LB, RB). Any information would be greatly appreciated! :smiley:

The problem here is that your PCB is somehow wired up so that those six buttons are constantly held down, but pressing a button causes the button to temporarily release (and then go back to being held down again), which is why you can still use the buttons in menus but not in the actual game and why the game is showing all six buttons as being held down.

It’s likely an error that was made during wiring/soldering. Probably inverted-trigger-related.

If you can take clear pictures of your stick’s wiring someone should be able to point out what’s wrong or at least give you a suggestion that might fix it.