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So like a lot of people here (in the noob zone), I stopped playing fighting games long ago with SSFII, UMK3, and Tekken 3. Watched Evo and now I’m sitting with a retail AE game.

Anyhow, I’ve been trying to get a feel for a character I will enjoy but honestly no matter what I do, it’s safe to say I suck. Of course I don’t expect miracles and I’m willing to put in the practice, I just want it to be effective.

My offense is good enough for the level I am at, of course it’s below average overall but I can muster B to A ratings in almost every single ranked game. My problem is I’m way to overaggressive and my defense is horrid. So bad in fact depending on the character I have a hard time on medium in arcade mode

What can I do to practice balancing my attack. I’ve already blocked myself from jumping at all (you should have seen it before, like a pogo stick). But what can I do to work on defense and counter rather than a full blown assault?

Training mode? Just keep doing arcade? Anything to work on practice and getting better habits would be greatly appreciated. Not looking for miracles but my overall style needs like a 160 degree change.

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its best to learn all of the matchups with the character you play. Being aggressive could be a good thing, the thing is to know when to be aggressive. Another thing…Why would you limit yourself from jumping? Sure they can anti air you if they see you jumping, but jumping is one of the most important tools in street fighter. You would generally apply pressure and then jump so that they are not ready to anti air you. The best way to train is to actually play against a real person (friends/online) that way you can play how the game was meant to played at a real situation (rather than in arcade mode where you can land random ultra’s :P). Losing is bout half of the game so you can learn from your mistakes (like why you got hit at that situation) Btw what character do you play? I might be able to give you some tips!


Debating between Cody, Ken, or Deejay for now.

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i can use deejay pretty well… For defense…I would say to keep the opponent away with his max outs, if you throw a light max out and they jump over it you can anti air them by cr.HK. Make sure to use his ex sobot kick to go through projectiles and make sure you jump in with dee jay`s knee move ( jump down LK) it makes them harder to anti air it since its a faster jump. Use jump MK as a cross up and basic combos are cr.lp cr.lp (link)----into–max out-sobot kick
cr.lp cr.lp–into–light sobot kick-cancel into- super cr.lp cr.lp cr.lp


Dee Jay would be a good option for you to work on your defense. A charge character is usually effective to keep in check certain impulses new players have. (Keep attacking, keep jumping, keep dashing in, etc.) Since to be able to use their moves you need to take a little time, which will later develop into patience in a defensive situation. Going in too hard without the necessary experience will get you way more trouble. Learning how to defend yourself is crucial and comes with time.

Avoid jumping, you can reposition your character by simply walking and blocking while closing the gap between you and your opponent. A good walk-in, block (down-back for charge) can blow up a fireball for example if you’re ready to use an EX Sobat Kick, and after that situation you will have your opportunity to jump in and create an offense.

Work on your anti-airs too, a part of defense is also not giving the opponent free opportunities at damaging you (a jump in usually lead to damaging combos) so you protect those angles with your character’s beat anti-airs and air-to-air options. Things like Cody’s, DeeJay’s slide, upkicks, far s.hp etc. Also learn to cover your areas with pokes and projectiles effective (aka zoning), a good fireball with Dee Jay you net you an anti-air slide. Good use of DeeJay’s standing medium kick will break through focus etc.

Keep experimenting, and set the training dummy to do a couple of offensive variations (like a crossup jump in, followed by a throw) and try to defend and recognize how are you defending in those situations etc.

Good luck! I hope this helps a little. o/


Work on punishing your opponent rather than having a strong attack. A solid defense is usually built this way, and your offense will naturally get better, as you wont “waste” attacks anymore.


Defense with most characters in AE is similar. Block low, tech throws, and reversal if you feel like the opponent won’t block.

Winning in arcade mode doesn’t mean anything. You can’t learn anything besides combos and maybe some matchup stuff against the computer.

This is spot on.