Help with diagnosing and stopping lag on SFIV PC

3/4 of the time I seem to have serious lag issues with this. I’ve been playing for a while and it used to be perfectly fine but recently its not. It will lag either slightly or loads in about 3/4 of my games and it just annoys me because then I can;t really enjoy the game due to there pretty much being no point in playing with lag.

However when I am in game it lags and I don;t know how to fix it, does anyone have any ideas on things I can check or things I could do to help sort it out. I can’t play with friends at the moment and it’s pretty frustrating. Any help appreciated.

My speed tests come out around 8-10 ping, 80-90 Download and 5-6 upload.

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I didn’t know where to post it, the description for the tech forums wasn’t very clear and general discussion says it’s about anything non directly related to fighting games, which means it’s kind of in the guidelines. However, I shall move it.

Some advice while telling me to move it would have been cool.

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You are pretty dense. "General Discussion is for anything non-fighting game related" yet this very thread is about a motherfucking fighting game.

Anyway, they might be experiencing lag on the other end. That’ll make the game slow down. Is this only happening online? If it’s also offline, it’s a hardware issue.

You might want to try lower settings just in case it’s a hardware issue. I doubt it, but at least it will eliminate that choice.

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  1. from the front page under general discussion it says “General Discussion: Discuss anything you like”. As you will see above, I have discussed an effective way that someone may know of rectifying my PC issue. Indirectly relating to the game. It is not focused on the game, but just one of the many games that the problem is effecting. If you took the time to look at my post you would know it’s about not knowing what to do about lag.

Thanks for actually giving me a response to my original post instead of insulting me also. No it is only online, my computer is getting on now but it can still handle street fighter IV fine. It;s with about 90% of people I’m playing, the odd person in the Netherlands or something will be okay.

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upgrade your computer to alienware and also your internet dawg.

I’ll try to help you before this thread gets locked… C’mon people, you know it’s coming.

Have you eliminated your display as a possibility? And does it only happen on SFIV? If so…

Make sure your video drivers are up to date. I know this sounds like a generic response, but I had tearing issues in Ultra SFIV recently which were caused by GTAV optimized beta drivers for AMD cards. A driver update fixed that.

Is it intermittent? As in, does the lag go in and out during matches? If it’s erratic like that, it could be malware on your computer. Had that issue as well, and tried a new malware scanner to find that a bitcoin miner had been installed on my system.

I got some questions for you in order to trouble shoot your issues.

What all you have on your home network? Like every console, Desktop, Lap top, tablet, Smart TV, DVR unit you got.

Are your Gaming PC or Console connected via Wifi or Ethernet?

Is anyone doing heavy duty downloading in your house?

Is your ISP a cable company? Way Cable companies Internet works is there one huge lan connection for the whole neighborhood, so if you live next door to a serious internet pirate/Torrent-user or even the girl next door does sexy web cams for money that can kill your internet speeds.

Post your machine specs, along with answering @BetaWolf and @Darksakul questions. Also, avoid posting your public IP address on a public forum, crop that pls.

I’ll take a look and see if my drivers are up to date, I haven’t checked. Yes it’s intermittent I could play 2 matches with a friend fine then all of a sudden it’ll get real bad, then be slightly laggy for ages, then get bad again etc. I’ll check that out too.

I have my PC, the downstairs computer which is used by my parents for facebook and youtube at the busiest of times and maybe another phone that’s not mine, so not too much.

No I only download things when I need and I certainly check that first to make sure I’m not seeding or downloading.

Yeah I think so being Virgin Media, supplying us fibre optic.

Answered both questions above, Machine specs are:

AMD Phenom II X4 965 3.4GHz Black Edition Quad-Core
8GB RAM (DDR3 I think)
GTX 460
500GB HDD which isn’t near full
750/W PSU
Gigabyte M86MT-S2 motherboard.

It’s about 5 years old now I think.
I used to play a lot of fps games, still play CS GO and WoW casually.

change the video card to something better
get rid of slow HDD, replace with SSD

That isn’t the problem considering I’ve been playing for over a year and a half with the same setup, and the problem is only just occurring.

Also if I had the money for that, I’d just buy ultra and a stick for my PS4 so I have a stick ready for 5.

My drivers aren’t up to date so i’ll see if that helps. It’s not an offline issue I get consistent 60 on full throughout an entire run of arcade mode.

That isn’t the issue. HDD it self is not causing lag and the video card despite not being ‘current’ is more than sufficient.

Is your PC connected via Wifi or Ethernet/cat5 cable?

Question for OP

How long ago has this started happening and does it only lag when you face others in matches or do you get frame lag while in training mode/arcade mode (offline)

another question, are you on windows 10, 8.1, 8 or 7?

It is connected by an Ethernet straight to the router.

It only lags when I am facing others online, training mode/arcade mode is smooth as can be. I updated my graphics drivers last night just in case but still no change. Also changed the channel that my router was running on in case it was getting interference from others in the area but to no avail either.

I am running windows 7 currently. I wouldn’t upgrade to 8 because… obvious reasons haha, and I didn’t want to move to 10 because I figure when an OS gets released there is always problems.

Do you have any wireless devices on your network?

I recently got an Amazon Fire TV stick and the very next day I got it I got the same type of lag you are talking about.

I disconnected the device and powered it off then reset my modem and router. And was able to get the lag to stop.

I also disabled alot of processes that could’ve been using my bandwidth in the background. I added the whole street fighter 4 folder to the exceptions list on windows defender live monitoring function aswell.

Also I don’t understand why you still use windows 7, windows 8.1 performs better… it just lacks the start menu people like. windows 10 brings it back though. Windows 7 can perform bad for games also if you don’t set it up correctly by killing all of the useless shit in it (aero for example)