Help with differentiating between RYU AND E. RYU

Umm i’m here to seek assistance from (RYU AND E. RYU) forum. This information can also be of great use to others who desire to learn the guy out.

What i or we would like to know are the difference in their atk. speed,frame diff,pressure,defense,offence etc.

Also you opinion about E. RYU and opinion on the best of the two .

E. Ryu is more Akuma with less tools and more damage then Ryu. He is about the exact same speed as ryu, and unlike Akuma he can combo after FMP. His teleport sucks and his divekick is not that good.

The main problem I see with E. ryu is that if you look at the character that most resembles him, Akuma, you realize hes missing vital tools from his game. Akuma did not have a single useless move, as they are all integral to his game. So he will have to be played more like Ryu then Akuma, with a strong zoning game but with a good execution and better combos, but with lack of turtle tatsu in AE I dunno how well that will fair.

he is more like akuma but with a very strong zoning game like ryu.But i disagree on his dive kick,its great for wakeup game as you can psuedo crossup and if you time it right you can stuff reversals and are even safe from EX Spinning bird.Plus it puts them in enough stun to combo almost any normal off of it. Pretty much E.Ryu has much more dmg output than O.Ryu once he gets in there and he has some nice reset mixups.His dash is super fast,and E.Ryus zoning game resembles O.Ryus heavily,but E.Ryu has shankunetsus like Akuma

Evil Ryu has a lot going for him but his low health and stun are his crutches. Also, unlike Ryu he cannot combo into an untechable KD/sweep (w/o CH). That aside, his DPs have great horizontal range, very high dmg output, a kara throw, a good forward dash, and all useful EX moves. He looks cool too.

Evil Ryu’s movement speed including his dash is a little faster than Ryu’s.
Evil Ryu’s low forward may give him more range because it pushes him forward a bit but it is SLOWER than Ryu’s low forward.
Evil Ryu’s crouching/standing MP is as good or a little better than Ryu’s [You can combo two crouching MP along with a standing MP for three hit combo or mix up during blockstrings] but both still stuff specials like M. Bison scissor kicks and Honda EXheadbutts/headbutts.
Evil Ryu’s footsweep is straight up suspect and Ryu’s is just way better in that department.
I am not sure who has the better DP but I find Evil ryu’s MP and FP DP to be good anti air’s without trading when done deep, timed correctly. Original Ryu’s MP DP has gotten much better and I think it may be even with evil Ryu’s [More testing needed]!
I don’t know about the recovery on fireballs but I feel Evil Ryu is a little faster. I will test more in fights.

Besides that the main difference is Ryu has a stronger zoning game than Evil Ryu who is more like an in your face type character. And the health difference is really, really the difference between the two.

Normal Ryu also seems a much more safer character if I can say? Evil Ryu is more Risk/Reward character, I hope I worded that good

if you’re going to choose between the two, pick Ryu over Evil Ryu.

Problem with Evil Ryu compared to other Shotos are his aweful links. Most of the damaging combos using cr.MP xx LK Tatsu don’t work on crouching opponents ! If the opponent is crouching, you need to perform a one-frame link, and used constantly during a match is a pain for the user.

Sure the cr.LP, cr.MP is pretty easy to do but look at these :

cr.MP xx LK Tatsu doesn’t work on crouching opponent
cr.MP xx HP SRK works, good damage, but no good for pressure
cr.MP xx LK/MK Axe Kick doesn’t work at all !!
cr.MP xx Hadoken works, but who cares !?
cr.MP, st.HP works, but it’s a one-frame link !
cr/st.LP, cr.MK doesn’t work
cr.MK, MK Axe kick doesn’t work (MK Axe Kick is the only way to perform a cr.LP/MP right after)

Besides :

Cross up Tatsu, cr.HK doesn’t work
MP SRK anti air is a f-ing trade !!
Aweful teleport
Building meter is ok, but impractical Super Combo
No pokes and very limited pressure, the single mistake and you’re dead with one the lowest stamina in the game
Completly useless target combo that doesn’t follow with a combo O_O
Tatsumaki doesn’t break Focus Attacks !!
SRK xx FADC xx U1 can be missed at numerous occasions
Extremely low stamina and stun

But whoaaa ! When I look at Oni, they gave him all the easy tools, pokes, strenghs, breaks, and ways to connect that Evil Ryu doesn’t have. Sure ER can score some damage, but how with all those missing links !

So you’re playing with a cross between Ryu and Akuma, who inhereted the flaws of both !! A character with a low stamina, who can’t do much footsies or pokes, unuseful links, can’t pressure, who trades anti air, and the simple mistake can cost you a lot.

Really disapointed by the character. :frowning:

Evil Ryu’s cMK is pretty good, you just can’t use it as frequently as you would with another shoto. His cMK will combo with LK Stomp, problem is you can’t really hit confirm this and if the LK stomp is blocked it probably moved you close enough to get punished by a mashed out SRK or something of the like. The MK stomp is safe I believe (I tested it a bit yesterday) but it won’t combo and probably leaves you at a frame disadvantage.

I feel you need to play him a lot like Ryu would be played but he has more mix ups. His hop kick is pretty good and I’m a huge fan now of cMK, EX Stomp or some kinda jump in or cross up followed by cHP, EX Stomp. The stomp knocks them down and allows you the time to set up your mix up since you’ll finish the move right beside your opponent.

Not a fan of his dive kick. It just doesn’t do enough hit stun to be useful in a lot of situations. I don’t like gambling on whether or not my opponent is going to mash out a reversal when I land and try to pressure.

You make a lot of good points there dude but I don’t think he’s a lost cause. We’re just going to have to develop a new style from when we may’ve played Ryu or Akuma before. I mained Akuma before this and I do miss his awesome teleport, his air fireballs and that sHK poke is just nasty. It’s different but I think a little early to say he is worse!

Quoted For Truth.

I have loads of fun with E Ryu because i think his

St Hp-MK Axe-Cr mp-tatsu-shoryu-fadc-u1 combo is insanely fun to do…but he sucks. Hes a lower health, less offensive options, hard linking, character that will not be played often. Hes low tier.

Is my execution that shitty or am I just bad at the game or just both?? lol I never seem to get my combo’s to hitconfirm jab, jab, M jab tatsu/shoryu

Use HP SRK as anti air. Do it deep.

Wow, you guys are so pessimistic about eryu. He’s a good character.

I don’t think he’s bad, but I don’t think he’s good either. I just think he was designed awfully and needs to be “fixed” should there be another SF4 update in the future. My opinion is either buff his health/stun to 1000 each or buff his normals and specials. Right now he’s like the worse of both worlds as Shiini said. It really makes no sense, why he was designed this way. At this point he’s just a one trick pony, either you land that combo or you’re playing a worse version of a mix between Ryu/Akuma.

That being said, I still love playing him but he needs improvements. Not to become top tier, just to be a fair and balanced character. So hopefully Capcom has room for one more update.

You will never miss SRK Fadc U1 if you charge the fireball. its easy to judge and sometimes scores you more damage for charging it. (I think)

I think E ryu has a ton of potential and is meant to be played differently.

He sucks. There’s not really much you can do to defend him. Sure, he hits hard, no doubt, but the majority of what he has borrowed is straight out inferior to where he borrowed it from.

Teleport is slower than Akuma.
Red Fireball is slower to recover than Akuma.
EX Fireball doesn’t knockdown.
Tatsu doesn’t armor break.
c.MK is slower than Ryu. Range does NOT make up for it.
Focus has range but is slow to charge to level 2.
Has no really effective ways to abuse his super meter outside of SRK FADC ultra.
His links suck. No into sweep, actually, no way to combo to sweep at all, IIRC. Don’t get me wrong, into cl.HP is great, but doesn’t make the opponent stand, meaning his best meterless combo fails half the time.
Axekick is slow as fuck outside of EX and isn’t even a true blockstring to make up for it.

Counter points to your post:

His teleport is excellent to use mid screen when mixed up with other defensive options. It is not a crutch. And unlike Akuma he cannot be chipped to death on wake up by fireballs as his teleports are slower than fireballs and they will pass him by.

Tatsu doesn’t need to armour break. And you cannot focus at half screen versus E Ryu because his MK Axe Kick will break it and is also safe to throw out as a footsie tool at -2 on block. He can also Kara-EX Axe Kick Focus on reaction for big counter hit damage and an untechable knockdown.

cr.MK OWNS certain characters in footsies and you can throw it out versus non dive kick characters almost for free. He can also buffer it into a number of specials and it will combo from a mile away because the cr.MK carries him forwards. So if he hops over a tiger shot and hits Sagat with the big toe of his j.HK, the cr.MK and Tatsu/fireball/SRK will all combo even if he is jumping from over half screen away. It is also amazing to use to cancel into fireball and hit confirm it into an FADC followed by a big combo, because unlike Ryu the fireball always combos if the cr.MK hits. You can also option select HK Tatsu with cr.MK to stop people walking in to you.

Focus has mad range and level 2 dash in has good frame advantage on block.

His BnBs do over 300 dmg and 500 stun. His no meter punishment combos do 400 dmg and 650 stun. He doesnt need meter in combos. That means he will nearly always have meter for a safe SRK and he gets Super very quickly. Once he has Super, raging demon is almost guaranteed as he has so many set ups.

His links are fine. If you can hit confirm jabs and tell whether the opponent is standing you can combo into tatsu then LP uppercut for frame advantage on the knock down. If they are crouching you can combo the jabs into far.MP (which is absolutely amazing btw) and cancel into LK Axe Kick (which does 200 stun!!!) and set up a kara throw/cr.MP mix up at frame advantage. And you seem to think cl.HP doesn’t stand up opponents. It does. Meaning if you land a dive kick meaty, or a cross up or any jump in, you can combo into cr.LP > cl.HP xx MK Dragon Kick for at least 360 dmg with no meter.

His cr.MP has amazing priority and is a brilliant counter hit button when paired with his far.HP kara throw. And you should be hit confirming counter hit cr.MP into sweeps.

He has some of the best uppercuts in the game. HP SRK has good invinibility, big damage and big stun. EX SRK has range almost as far as Ken’s Kara HP SRK.

One combo into a reset and if they guess wrong they are stunned. And you just built 2 bars from those combos too.

And he has the best fireball game in the whole of AE.

He is a machine. He is just a glass cannon. Don’t play him like Akuma, don’t play him like Ryu. He is like Ken with different tools

Teleport sure as hell is a crutch when I can simply OS Yang Roll kick/U2 or Akuma HK Tatsu you for it.

I can backdash away faster than you can react to my focus charging. Good to know MK Axe Kick is -2 though, that makes it halfway decent. is still slow as shit. It may be free poking on some characters, but not against many of the top characters. is the same old shoto, and is still subject to the same Ryu and Ken tactics in it’s use. counterhit into sweep is fine; but he can’t sweep you off non-counterhit setups, unlike the better characters/shotos.

His uppercuts do identical damage as Akuma. His fireball timing is more or less identical to Akuma as well - I take back what I said about red fireball being slower to recover. Now, you say he has the best fireball game in AE but this is objectively impossible. If his ground fireballs are the same as Akuma, his EX fireball does not knockdown, and he does not have access to air fireballs, he cannot, and does not have the best fireball game in AE. He’s not even in contention for the title.

Many of his tools are almost copy-pasted from the rest of the shotos. The things that fill in the gap for the most part, are just not up to scratch. THIS is why he ranks so low.

His BNBs do great damage, I won’t deny. But I can just pick Akuma, still do 300+ on my BnBs and have such more dominating toolbox to choose from. All for the addition of just 100 more health. I could just pick Ken instead, have superior unpredictability, and have 1000/1000 health/stun.

He just doesn’t bring much new to the table to be scared of. He puts his eggs in one basket, hoping to get those massive BnBs off, and he has a much more difficult time getting those combos off to boot.

E. Ryu has a variety of strengths and weaknesses. You do your best to play to his strengths, and you try your hardest to cover his weaknesses, no more, no less. He isn’t Akuma and he isn’t Ryu; he’s an individual character who requires a lot of work, just like any other. Dismissing him because so early on isn’t necessarily terrible, but it doesn’t get you anywhere either.

I definitely do agree 100% that you really do not need to use meter during his combos.

my bnb: crlpx2-stmp-lk axe

hard punish: ST HP-MK axe-CR LP-Tatsu-MP Shoryu

and it does incredible damage and pretty much builds close to a bar.

His super is incredibly good because it is instant which is awesome. It’s 10x better than Akuma. Due to this, you can use your meter for one of two things…

Shoryus or Super.

His EX Hadou is a typical ex projectile…its good after anti airs with LP shoryu if you want the extra damage but im pretty sure HP shoryu will hit after just like Ryu…not sure. So it’s pretty much useless. He has the Akuma MP Hadou if you want to use it like that.

EX Tatsu sucks…the only time you realistically COULD use it is in the corner to go to ultra but even that is not worth the meter usage and damage…Because you could simply do his typical hard punish, build more meter, and net more damage with ST HP-MK Axe-Cr LP-Tatsu-Shoryu-FADC Ultra. It really is his best punish IMO.

EX Akuma fireball is only good to win matches by chipping someone out on wake up or to gain a nice upper hand in a projectile battle. Not gonna happen tho…this is dive kick fighter iv. Not SF4.

EX Axe is actually pretty good because you can use it during a block string or after a cr mk (they think the fireball is coming) and do an EX Axe to get a knockdown. They think a simple projectile is going to come so they are going to sit and block. Mix this up between hadoukens and EX Axe fromt ime to time…its good.

So yeah, I think his biggest PRO at the moment is his ability to just solely focus on Super, (which is awesome) EX Axe, or FADC because his other EX options are horrible. He builds meter very well due to being able to recover faster on hadoukens which means throwing much more out per match compared to the rest of the cast and his ability to punish hard WITHOUT burning a single bar.