Help with DPDT Switch Dualmod


Hello everyone,

I can’t seem to find a thread that details how to do this mod. I just decided to try it from memory based on what someone told me a year or two ago. Doesn’t seem to work…

I was told that you can solider the two usb cables together except for the 5v lines. You would run the 5v lines to the switch. I tried this method with a ps3 te stick and a madcatz 360 fightpad. The fightpad will authenticate (assign controller) 1 out of 10 times. I can put the original usb back on the fightpad and it will work flawlessly. Am I doing this right or is this pad just sensitive?


Have some questions for PS3 TE dual mod

Nope, that wont work, plus what you drew is a SPDT switch, not a DPDT.
Connect the powers and grounds together, and use the DPDT so the the outgoing D+ and D- are from the PS3 when slid one one, and the Xbox when slid the other.
e.g. Follow what JDM posted.


oh… oops
haha, thanks