Help with dragon punch motion :(


i for the life of me can not simply pull it off :frowning: i can only do it wen im actually aiming to only do it, but if i need it for a combo or something i cant idk if its the gate on my fight pad or wat but can anyone give me some tips on how to easily do it?



And training mode.


Basically, this.
But to specify, sit in training mode and do just the motion precisely (slowly if you need to) until you get that and no extra button presses. Just forward, down, down-forward. As you get better at hitting just those three with no additional presses before, after or in-between, you can speed it up. As Patrick says above, if it’s during a combo you’ll need to be able to do it fast, but panicking and waggling the D-Pad back and forth won’t get it out reliably. Precision is the key here, and that’s what sitting in Training Mode will do for you.


Another thing to add to this, make sure when you’re practicing you practice more on 1p side. One thing I’ve learnt is that I am REALLY comfortable with moves on 2p side but on 1p, I really struggle. I think it’s to do with: 1. The fact my wrist is more comfortable doing motions on 2p side and 2. The fact that the majority of the time, playing online I start off on 2p side so I’m more used to doing moves in this side. But a good why to practice srk is get the dummy right to the edge of the screen, and keep doing srk’s from one end right to the other, and don’t stop until you get there. If you mess up, take the dummy to the edge again and repeat. Then once he’s at the other side, go back again and keep doing this. Before you know it the SRK motion will be so easy you’ll be wanting to become a Ken DP masher!


go into training mode & turn on your input display. Now you can see what you’re doing right/wrong.