Help with dropped inputs


I have a custom xbox 360 stick made with a happ stick and competition buttons. For some reason while everything is screwed in place, I would get dropped left input( some times to the point where there no response). But so far when I remove the bottom panel the problem goes away. What could be causing this? Any suggestion on how to fix it or how to safely play without the bottom panel?


Dont know what materials you have in your custom, but it could possibly be that some metal from the bottom panel shorts out or disturbs a track or something. Maybe there is just a tiny strand from one of the cables that is just “tickling” the wiring or soldering around or on the “left joystick movement switch”. Happens at work all the time.

It could of course also be that the bottom panel somehow presses vital parts out of place (and proper function) but I highly doubt thats the case if this is a good custom.

If you cant get it sorted out, why not just screw in four or six rubber feet under the box and play away? :slight_smile:


the bottom is made of wood and the ground appears to be daisy chained :o
It has rubber feet as well but since the case is pretty small it still moves around and I dont want to damage the pcb or pull a wire if i need to move it:sweat:
i guess ill just try to secure it to the front interior of the case. thank you for your replies.