Help with Dual Modding 4716 + Specific PS2 PCB

So I went to Fry’s and noticed they had a “Mini” PS2 controller for $6. I bought it, stripped it, and checked if it was common ground. The controller itself is common ground, however, I’m having trouble trying to pair it with a 4716. The PS2 PCB uses 3.5V to ground its signals, and has a 8V power supply. I would like to know how I would connect the 4716 Power and GND signals to the PS2 PCB. On the PS2 PCB, there are points where it says “GND”, but those dont trigger any of the signals.

It’s one of these controllers:

Pics of the PCB:

This is what I’ve tried so far:

4716 Power -> 8V on PS2 and 4716 Ground to PS2 3.5V

What this does is make all of the 4716 signals into ground and is unusable.

4716 Power -> 3.5V and 4716 Ground to PS2 “GND” point.

This makes the PS2 Signals ground the 360 (Opposite effect).

Thanks for the help.

Sorry for bumping, gonna do this once only.

This should be the one that works. Can you post up a picture of the PS2 pcb?

Maybe the PS2 pcb isn’t common ground?

why not jus ask this in the

Pad Hacking Thread

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the tech forum is cluttered enough as it is


The PCB is common ground for sure. It uses the 3.5V to trigger the signals, and GND for its normal grounding. I’ve posted the pics of the PCB.