Help with Emulator


I’ve got Kega Fusion 351 and im trying to use the mouse function for the game Eye of the beholder on sega cd. it just wont work… If anybody wants to help me get this thing working the help would be appreciated.

Also if i cant ask about this here im sorry. i tired to ask wiz about it but he wouldnt respond to me on aim :wgrin:


I don’t use Kega, so I can’t answer the question. I think it’s completely legit though. Here’s a friendly bump. The game actually had mouse support originally?


yeah its eye of the beholder. when you play the game with a dpad you are moving a mouse around the screen :rofl: also the game was sold with the sega mouse as a bundle i believe.


Why don’t you try the current version of Kega Fusion, 3.61


because i tried it with a different game and it crashed every 10min.

Edit: re-downloaded it and tested it. doesn’t work.


hmm bump… need ideas.