Help with Evil Ryu! :(

Wondering if i could get some help. I’m a newer player to Street Fighter but i am not new at fighting games. Also, I am a Ryu addict so needless to say he will be my main. I have been using Evil Ryu and he is an awesome character but due to his low health and stun i die quick. I was wonder if Ryu would be a better choice over Evil Ryu. I also find it kind of hard to beat defensive players with Ryu wonder if you could give any tips on that. Anything helps!

In my opinion, Evil Ryu is not beginner friendly, for the same reasons Seth and Akuma also are not beginner friendly. Mix up heavy, low health. I suggest going with regular Ryu for a little while, maybe a week or so - then make a transition to Evil Ryu as you become more familiar with spacing and defense.

Concentrate in beginning on blocking, learn what other characters are capable of and use simple punisment methods when you recognise a mistake. Practise FADC combos as well, mainly these 2:

Shoryuken FADC ULTRA

Cr.forward (medium kick) xx Hadoken FADC - - Anything.

I say anything because you should experiment for yourself what you can do when you’re given the proper space. You can check the combo thread for more info. The first FADC combo is strictly to keep you in the fight longer, you should find as you improve with Evil Ryu that you wont need to rely on this combo as much.

Hopefully that will get you started. Don’t get disheartened by losing with E.Ryu, while regular Ryu is a better beginner option I strictly believe Evil Ryu is stronger competitively. Playing with regular Ryu first will give you the groundwork for footsies and defense which is important to Evil Ryu as well.