Help with ex lightning legs to ultra

i always end up doing the unique kick that takes them into the air how can i do it better


why did you even post that seriosuly grow up and stop acting like a child

im not sure what i mean u always do that kick that takes them into the sky?

what kick

its called the kintekishu but i just realies im using the triple button
that might be the problem

He sighed because these questions has been asked and discussed thoroughly.

– EX Legs -> Ultra (Charge while in EX Legs animation - As soon as the EX Legs finishes, do ultra. Only works in the corner)

I found it here, on one of the sticky threads (5th one down):

well how are you doing the legs?

are you just standing there and hammering 3K while holding back? because that will give you the b+mk target combo.

you should be comboing into the legs.

then the ultra followup is just a matter of timing and practice.

mastered it now it was like you said

I sighed because I’m sick of ignorant 09ers giving the rest of us bad names. Why are you guys so lazy that you can’t even search for less than a minute on the forums or even youtube and find a million posts about your problem?

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practice makes perfect…

Learn to fucking read the forum before you make a new thread for a extremely simple question that could have been answered in the Q&A thread. Don’t give someone else shit because you can’t follow rules and read.