Help with exacution

for the longest time i have not figured out how to do a charged attack like flash kick into double flash kick could some tell me how to do that thx :smile:

The input for that goes:

:db::qcf::uf: :lk:/:mk:/:hk: :db::uf: :lk:/:mk:/:hk:

It’s a bitch, and I find it really difficult because you really have to pay attention to the motion you’re learning for it, but it gets easier the more you do it I guess.

Performing it as :db::uf: :hk: :db::uf: :hk: is easier, and accomplishes the requirements for the super.

super is db, f (uf or df), db, uf. You can Flash kick xx Super, or Sonic boom xx super.

Do you have to charge the second flash kick?

Nope, the motion for the initial flash kick counts for the first half of motions for the super. It’s a relatively quick motion, so practice will always help.

Really? I thought there had to be a :df: in there for it to work? Damn, that would have saved me a lot of time on Guile’s trials…

The idea of this is that your inputs are overlapping.

So for an easier example:

Honda’s Headbutt is:

His super is:

But you can overlap them so that the headbutt cancels into the super, which looks like this:
(Charge):l:,:r:+:p:(headbutt hits opponent):l:,:r:+:p:

A similar overlapping that doesn’t involve charge characters is Ryu’s hadouken into shinku hadouken:


Shinku Hadouken:

Hadouken xx Shinku Hadouken:

Hope that gives you a better idea!

:db::df::db::uf::hk: I must say I had problems doing that move with cammy in Alpha 3 Upper(via Alpha Anthology) on pad as well as most of Claw’s supers :wow: hard to do in a actual fight

The motion is easier than it looks.

The second part can be ANY FORM of forward, and the fourth is ANY FORM of up.

That being said,
:db::df::db::ub::k: works.

That is just a charge :db: then a reverse tiger knee motion. Much easier.

thx for the help now for the challenge of el fuerte cancel