Help with FADC HP shoryuken

I can do 1 frame tatsu loops pretty decently but I can’t even once pull out a fadc after a crouch mk to shoryuken… is there a way to pull of consitantly? I’m running out of ideas :frowning:

The number one way to improve execution for Sakura’s FADC combos is…



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to never, ever, ever, start a new thread asking how to do a combo. Especially when if you had read through any of the stickies, you would find that your question is one of the most common questions asked in this forum (and thus one of the most commonly answered questions.)

The combo’s kind of hard. You have to practice it a lot. Good day.

:frowning: kind of hard? it’s nearly impossible :stuck_out_tongue: and I thought 1 frame tatsu loops are the most difficult ones :frowning: hoped there was a sort of trick to it. Is it also a 1 frame link?
anyways thanks for the reply anyways I’ll go to an extensive search hope to find an answer to this specific problem

Yeah, just a headups, we have a Q+A thread :stuck_out_tongue:

But to answer your question, do it on the 3rd hit of HP shouken, you have to buffer the dash as fast as you can(forward, tap focus, forward), and then plink the 1f window.

This is also possible off MP and LP sho, you will get more damage doing mp shouken fadc cl.hp than HP shouken because there’s more damage on the first 1-2 hits of MP Sho. Although you’ll be landing this combo with HP shouken because of buffer HP sho.

Combos with anyone or even learning a musical instrument, just practice practice practice until it’s in your muscle memory, you’re not gonna master it overnight, gotta keep at it.