Help with FADC


I cant pull it off. I am using a te 2 arcade stick on ps3. Also, can anyone give me some help with basic Ryu combos? Thanks


you cant fadc ryu hard shoryuken. only medium, light and ex.


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Simple drill I did:

Either try to complete Ryu’s Trial 21.
Practice the trial in training mode though, so you can check if you enter your inputs correctly and also so that you are not under pressure to complete and and just mash away like a retard.
Just start with close mp> fadc, pause for a second and repeat. Once you got the hang of mp> fadc meaning you can complete it without failing 20 or 30 times in a row, try to extend it and go for mp> fadc> mp.
The mp after the fadc requires a specific timing you need to get down. Once you got that down as well try to piece it together and do mp>fadc>mp>fadc and now practice the mp>shoryuken. I suggest you start the srk motion somewhere at the end of the combo so all you have to do at the end is: down>downforward>punch.


go to training mode and practice (use infinite super bar): crouching medium kick>hadoken>fadc until your either your arms hurt or you can do it regularly. Then try to do the same sequence after the fadc.
crouching medium kick>hadoken>fadc>crouching medium kick>hadoken>fadc until you get it to combo.

If you fail, do it slower, if you do the inputs consistently, but they do not combo, try them a little bit faster.
Don’t push yourself too hard in order to do it as fast as possible. Rather do it right but slowly and build proper muscle memory, than learning doing it wrong very quickly.

If you can combo that consistently and get very high combo count combos down, try to fadc other sequences and go into other moves.

Getting good execution is a matter of grinding it out and actually thinking about what you are grinding out.
If you’re able to fadc dragon punches and hadokens at will and with consistency, you’ll have all the time in the world to get the motions out for your follow up moves.