Help with faulty USB cord on HRAP3

Hey guys, I was hoping someone could help or point me in the direction of help for the USB cord for my HRAP3.

Basically it seems like a wire is loose in the USB cord, kinda like back in high school when you had those pair of junk headphones that you always had to wiggle the wire to get the left ear to work except now its wiggle that wire to make sure that DeeJay’s Max Out actually happens. It’s gotten to the point where the computer or PS3 rarely recognizes the HRAP3 and if i can wiggle it to recognize it its usually gone in a second. Im guessing that this isn’t fixable and that i need to replace the USB and wiring but i dont know a goddamn thing about how to replace a USB cord and even less about the rewiring I assume that needs to take place. Can anyone help me out in finding out what i need to get this USB working again and any tuts that can help me through the process.

danke :smiley:

Hey I have this same problem. I believe you should just buy a new cable and replace it. Find a USB to 5-pin cable.

check to make sure the cable hasn’t broken any solder points on the pcb first tho. could just be a quick resolder fix but idk… never had this trouble on mine… :confused: