Help with fight stick art

I changed my madcatz fightstick art to an Ibuki theme. I’ll upload it as soon as i can. I painted the box black but didn’t apply enough coats and the paint began to come off where my wrist rested. I also purchased sanwa parts, to get to the point I’ve been trying to get a sexy fightstick art to apply. But I don’t have much luck finding sexy pictures of chun li, sakura, ibuki, cammy and other female street fighters that look the same. Also coming up with a good layout. Can anyone help?

p.s, don’t want to sound perverted but, would like them to be as sexy as possible without it obviously being porn or of that sort.

i posted this twice by accident, the browser kinda lagged on me and resulted in two different threads, this is the one i want to main

I just realized this doesn’t belong here, sorry bout the trouble srk