Help with fight stick theme idea


I cant decide on what theme I want my TE1 fight stick to be.

I am open to any suggestions. I don’t want any characters from games. And I don’t want any publisher based themes.

I prefer bright and colorful. But don’t want LEDs.

I will be sticking with Sanwa parts so those are my color options. And the ones I have really liked the look of are the clear blue and clear yellow.
What I was thinking was a Megas XLR theme. The case will be sprayed blue. And the sides will get the flaming eye and flaming 8 ball.
The front panel will be done like a riveted blue steel with a yellow 12. Then the flap on the back that holds the cable will be black with a Kappa girl like Megas’ mud flaps.

Any ideas.

I game under the name Tokyo Ruckus. So anything that might play on that is cool too. I was thinking of an Ultraman or Mecha Godzilla vs Godzilla. But that wouldn’t look good all bright and colorful.



You’ll likely get more help with this over at


stick fighting another stick

fight sticks, not matches


make it smash themed with pictures of mario and yoshi having sex and the joystick will be one of them dragon deal doughs that they are all into apparently.


Put boku no pico artwork on it.





That said, I like that bread idea.


eating ass w/ none other than Lil B featured on it


Bread idea would be cool. I love the texture and color in that particular picture.

But being that this is an arcade stick, I’m going to recommend a snack that I feel also has decent color and texture.

Honey mustard and onion pretzels…


i vote bread too cause everyone else is


I’d throw @hibachifinal a couple of shekels to make the ultimate NEET-Stick