Help with fixing old madcatz te


Pulled out my SSF4 TE stick and was hyped to get some play in. Something is up with the stick, though, and I don’t know if there is any chance of fixing it. It will play fine most of the time, but then back jump will not work for a few tries before going back to normal. It’s been collecting dust for a couple years inside a drawer, but it’s still mint. Any ideas?


Roll back seems to be missing down back and sometimes dashing left is inputting back three times.


It is probably one of the the microswitches. You can pick up a new assembly that will drop in solder free here


If you’ve removed the connector from the JLF I’d make sure it’s not loose, the one in the TE doesn’t actually latch onto the JLF and can potentially come loose. Might be worth checking.

Also if you’re brave you can try opening the switches in the TP-MA and possibly dusting them with canned air, and see if they work normally after.


What people above have mentioned are all good advice for you to look into.

Ive had issues myself with the directions not moving properly when the movement switch is not set to “DP”. What is your movement switch set to?


Make sure your switch is set to DP. Most likely you have a bad microswitch going out on you or there’s a bad connection somewhere. Make sure the connections are all tight. Make sure the internals of the stick are all pretty much clean and free of dust and contaminants.