Help with fixing t6 hori fight stick

hey guys i just recently made the mistake of buying the tekken 6 limited edition bundle becuase i wanted my first fight stick…turns out i made a horrible decision:bluu:… as of right now square triangle x and circle buttons barely work…anyone know how to fix??? i took the bottom of the fightstick off but theres a big microchip blocking my view of what evers goin wrong in there… sorry if there is already a thread out about this…thx for the help

Easiest fix is to throw it in the trash and replace it with a TE. I remember selling a T6 stick for $35. Shipping cost me $20. So I got $15 for it.

i had one of those t6 joysticks, and the buttons indeed get stuck

only thing i can think of is desolder the buttons and get new ones, then solder those on, u will have to cut those nubs in the hole

oh man that sux… don’t worry ur not alone with making the mistake of getting a T6… coincidently i have one too (launch day as well =_=) but ya in my opinion u gotz 2 choices… 1) U do what rtdzign said and get rid of it… either sell it, scrap it, trade it, use it as a door stop?, do whatever u want cuz there are far better sticks to own or 2) U go the modding route like hacksparrow mentioned and replace all the parts to make it functional again either by yourself or hire som1 else to do that for u … if u wanna weigh ur options i suggest reading up on anything about the T6 (if u have the patience to do so) before u make a decision… heres a link: … this thread has lots of info on what u need to know like what comprises the internals, yadayada and how to do certain mods if u go that route… either way this stick doesn’t get too much love so good luck.

The PCB in the stick is very easy to work with and I ended up getting two T6 sticks and made these:

Another thing you would do is desolder the buttons and trash the big green PCB it is attached to. Use a file or dremel to remove the tabs in each button hole and extend the wiring harness and use quick disconnects to connect to each button. You can fit a Sanwa JLF in there relatively easily but the bottom of the shaft will hit the bottom cover but a little sanding can fix that problem. There is a dedicated T6 stick thread on here so use the search to find it.

word…thx guys i definatyly will look into these links