Help with fly combo

the basic fly combo(i think its called fast fly? i’m noob with sent :depress: )
but in the air, the short fly short short rocket punch

i can’t connect the short after the fly… any help with it?

lk, qcb+KK, NEUTRAL*, fwd*, lk… etc

it should be somewhere if ya take the time to look it up… this is something REALLY minute to make a thread about

sigh HK > sj. lk > fly > lk+up > lk > lk > (dragon punch) rocket punch

and yes, it is called fast fly! :cool:

Make sure that when you super jump, you are above him when you hit short…

I don’t know if that helps but it did for me. =(

i’m sorry man, i didn’t kno it was called fast fly so i had a hard time trying to find it at first

and thank you btw, your explanation helped me a lot
thx to everybody in the thread