Help with Fly Combos



after getting rushed the fuck down at EVO2k3 in mvc2, i figured it’s time i really learned sentinel seriously. but the biggest obstacle i’ve came across so far is performing Fly combos. that’s where the damage is with sentinel, and without those, it takes a lot out of his game IMO.

basically i’m having trouble getting the lk, fly, lk to combo. i know you’re supposed to put the stick back to neutral before you press the direction and second short, but i simply cannot do it. any tips would be GREATLY appreciated.

PS- maybe if i saw a video of somebody’s hands doing it, i could perform it much more easily. once i saw a video of somebody doing RC electricity, i could do it in 5 minutes. i guess i learn by sight or something.


come on people, just drop me some advice please.


personally, when i do fast-fly i go like this:


then do the motion for fly, then i tap forward. think of it like cutting a circle right on the middle, left to right (or right to left depending on which side you’re on). i dunno it seems to work for me :slight_smile:

then proceed with the rest of the combo.

hope this has helped =\


You’re probably not doing it fast enough, just make sure to do the fly, neutral, tap in like one “motion”.


Man oh man, You know i have had the same problem for months now…A LOT of people will tell you that ok its Lk,fly,tap a direction,lk,fp…And that is all…thats what i was told too…
But right here right now i will tell you the “timing” for it because there is one and know one tells it idont know why…
the simple fact is that after you launch you want your opponent to be leveled with you, if you hit lk too early as in just as you get off the ground its a hella hard…so as soon as you launch, wait!! wait half a second maybe not even that…just wait a littlebit for you to get up there, then hit lk, next thing you need to remember is to do the fly motion as you are hitting lk, return the stick to neutral, then hit up, but you must do that pretty fast…
but i’ll be the first to admit…its HARD at first but it gets easier!!just follow what i’ve said…after launch wait a bit,lk, then quickly fly,lk,fp…



on a side note…
Ok well i have learned the fly combo with Sentinel…
What is it good for?
Am looking for assist combos that invlove the fly combo…i hear there is a good one with cammy or Capcom…i tried looking for some but no luck…


this shit’s hard, also besides lk ,can you Fly combo out of other attacks like for exampe Mp mk? i’venot mastered thisbut what i do is lk xx fly and when i finish motioning the fly i let go of the pad(or joystick) then simultaneu ly push up+lk , still it’s hard…


I do it by pressing back+lk.

You can try launch, lp, lp, lk, lk XX fly, f+hp to throw them. This might help your timing out for the lk, hp, RP combo or whatever since it’s easier to do as the MK launches your opponet up a bit.


try doing this…

launch, sj, lk or lp, mp, fly, tap a direction, lk, fp in to assist, directional rocket punch.

This one seems easier for me then afterwards I learned the lk, fly, lk one.


i think the problem most ppl have is that when then they tap the direction…it doesnt matter if you tap that shit, you can hold it down if you want… Just make sure the sticks goes back to neutral after you activate fly. but mainly the problem i was having is that you MUST tap/hold a direct with the lp./lk.

launch, lk xx fly tap/hold direction + lk, etc.

this will work everytime. trust me


Last time I trusted you, I woke up in China with an STD.




does it matter how fast u do his lk xxfly lk cus everytime i try i have an unfinished aircombo and a fly sent.


Hey, what I wanna know is how to do those crazy ass 20 hit combos with sentinal with out supers. It appears to be something like jap, short, fly, short, fierce, unfly, short, fly, short, fierce, unfly and so on. It looked like an inf. I assume even if you get it down the unfly mode wears off after 5 times or so.

What I need to know is about unfly mode itself. I have seen footage on the Ultimate mvc2 dvd of josh wong playin, where he dhc’s into sentinal from storm and starts doing unfly combo’s. WTF is that. Is that possible?




Ok I need a little help with one of sents FF combo’s unlike some of the post’s in here i can get the lk after goin into flight well anyways this is the combo ive been trying, sj,, ff,(tap up or u/f), d.rp,,, u.rp

the problem that im having is that i cant land the 2 lk’s after the first RP, well actually i can but the odds of me landing it is 1 out of 500 tries. So im askin if someone can help me out with this and also if the can also post a few otherFF combo’s as well.


For some reason, I have a MUCH easier time doing lk, fly, lk if I’m a bit ways above my opponent after a launch. Does this have any affect on the combos, or the timing involved?


Only if you’re right up on the opponent , other than that you should have no problem connecting with the fast fly combo .



s. fk, sj lk, 360+KK, lk + capcom, fp, rp

I heard its easier to learn by starting with the 360 method.

and does…

s. fk, sj lp rp, lk, 360+KK, lk + cyke, fp, rp…work?