Help with footsies and how to become better at it

Footsies are something that i have a really big problem with. I dont know how I use it (im a akuma player so its strange when i cant use footsies when he has some of the best footsie game of all characters) When im facing characters with fireballs i get knocked over by them (not from a distance cause akuma always wins fireball wars with shakunetsu). Whem im trying to actually do some footsie with - hadouken i always do shoryuken instead of hadouken. Is it someway to learn how to use footsie or some training exercise to master it. Also if somebody knows a thread on akumas footsies please link them.

Read through this article this should help.

sonic hurricane dot com Street Fighter Footsies Handbook, Chapter 1

its likely because you have just walked forward making your lowforward XX fireball input look like this


thus you are doing

[forward . down, downforward,] forward punch.

which is interprated as SRK

in you walk forward you can always move the stick to downback when you throw
your lowforward which will do :r::db::qcf::p:
which will allow the fireball to come out.

I had to teach my buddy the same thing. he kept going for the pokexxFB and getting shoryu. downback that shit to prevent it.

shortcuts mess up inputs IMO

Wow dude, thanks a lot. I cant tell ytou how many times I tried EX spiral arrowing through fireballs while walking forward and EX Cannon Strike would come out. That makes a lot of sense now.

You speak the truth. I stopped using shortcuts all together. I had to relearn some of my links but in the end it was worth it.

No problem. it just takes a little bit of extra thought and learning from experience. I used to have the same problem. relayed the info to my buddy who was having the same issue and now everyone is hitting moves they want…

I play a charge character so messing up inputs doesnt really happen much. but I fool around with the rest of the cast anyways so ive had my fair share of experience with silly stuff like that.

feel free to add me on XBL if you wanna get some training in.

ps timing on spiral arrow through fireballs might be pretty tight when walking forward… dont blame me if the inputs still mess up if your doing it really fast.

Made my day. I’ve stoped playin Shotos because I thought I’m too dumb to perform that :smiley: