Help with Fraps?

Hey y’all. I’m trying to record some IaMP replays so I can post them on YouTube and get some critiques but every time I try to record a match with Fraps they come out really slow. I’m not sure what settings to mess with to make the matches not laggy so can someone help me?

Fraps encodes while recording, which causes lag. Use WeGame from, it works pretty well.

I tried that program out and it worked pretty well! It was still a bit laggy here and there but I think that’s just from my computer being bad. ;_; I do have one question though. Is there a way to make it record the sound from the game as well?

Fraps can finicky when you want to record video. You could try a combination of the suggestions below:

Record to another, faster hard drive.
Record at half size instead of full.
Record at 30 frames per second instead of 60.

I’m unfamiliar with IaMP, so if you can change the resolution, you could try to lower that too and it can help.

Edit: WeGame doesn’t record sound. Fraps can though.

Edit #2: If your computer is lacking in power, then yes you’re going get bad performance of course.

Thanks a lot for the advice! I got it to work now. :] I just have one more question: What program can I use to trim down the video size? Some of the replays are coming out to be 1GB+ and they take forever to upload.

Which is quite normal for Fraps because it’s creating uncompressed captures for speed’s sake. For re-encoding them, the very best if Adobe Premiere if you can afford it and know how to use. I know some people use Sony Vegas which is very affordable compared to Premiere. I know a couple guys that even go so far as to use Windows Movie Maker. I think VirtualDub/Mod could work out too, and that’s free as well.

So after fiddling around with 3 different programs here are the results:

  1. Windows Movie Maker - A weird glitch/error happened. When I imported the video files (.AVI), they were only recognized as audio files and the video part was cut out. Huh. Next.
  2. Sony Vegas - No glitches, but it turned a 865mb file into a 760mb file. Decent, but I wanted to give something else a try.
  3. VirtualDub - No glitches, and it turned a 1.40GB file into a 89.7MB file and the quality was the same.

VirtualDub FTW! Thanks for the help eightbitminiboss!!

WeGame does record sound; you just have to tweak some of your setttings on your PC in order to get it to record sounds. WeGame Sound Settings

Ah, well you can you chalk that up to me not giving due diligence for finding out how to make sound work, WeGame didn’t meet my needs anyway.