Help with gates in arcade sticks!


Hey guy’s, so I have been reading up on arcade sticks and have come across a lot of info. I have basically made my descision and have semi ordered a Official Street Fighter IV TE madcatz stick.
The main reason’s being that it has had awesome reviews, has japanese parts and it is the most easily available one to me here in Brazil.

Anyway, seeing as I main Ryu and Abel (for now) they use primarily quarter circle move sets, now, I have heard that the square gate can be difficult to use with these types of characters, I have played fairly small amounts in arcades and have not a lot of experience with gates and what not, and infact only started learnin about the different parts to an arcade stick about a month ago.

My question is, will having a square gate affect me much? I mean, I don’t know any better. Is it that hard to get a hadoken out with a square gate?? Should this deter me from getting this specific stick??

And one more question, I know that I can change/mod the gate, the problem for me is being able to buy a different shaped one here in Brazil, would there be a problem if I took the square one out and sanded it to a round shape? I am fairly good with my hands so it wouldn’t be hard to do, I just wanna know if it would effect anything internal in the stick??

Thanks for any and all replies!



no. square is perfectly fine. in fact, i found octo harder to play on.
of course its all personal preference.


Most likely every arcade stick you have ever used had a square gate so it should not be an issue… Even if that werent the case you will have no problem playing on a square gate for any character that you use…

I have a square gate in my sticks and have played with an octo gate as well and could not even tell the difference one way or the other… I Main Blanka but used both gates with a variety of characters…

The sanding down the gate is something I cant help you with cause I dont know…


its not hard to do hadokens with the square gate, just dont ride the gate.

youll be fine, test the waters first. if you decide after about 2 months that you dont like it, then decide to get an octo.


Cool guys thanks, I usually adapt pretty well and as I said, I infact wouldn’t have to adapt as I have a pretty limited experience with sticks.

A question about the “riding” the gate that I never really understood, there is the main circular part where the stick enters into the base, and I’m guessing the gate is just underneath that?? How can I ride the gate (I’m assuming ths means pushing the stick so far to one side that it has he gate up against the wall??) if the inicial part of the base restricts movement?? And also, is riding the gate a common mis-use problem?! Easy to do? Or do you have to be quite forceful and violent to push the stick over that far??

Thanks for the quick replies peeps! I appreciate it.


Also, are the octagonal gates readily available? I would have to order online from somewhere, cos here in Brazil NONE of this stuff is easy to find. And people that have done what I did (imported a stick, well kinda, someone will bring it over for me) and want to sell the stuff on, they put rediculous prices on the item!
But yeah, is it easy enough to import gates?


Hey man, I recognise you from the xbox forums! You play an awesome Blanka. I’m assuming you only have xbox though?? I would love some matches with a decent Blanka, but as you can see I only got a PS3 :frowning: Ohwell…


ohh word?? lol yeah I hang around there too… Thanks for the compliment!!..

Yeah it sucks I only have a 360 but if I do get a PS3 again I’ll hit you up for some games…

Riding the gate means that you are pushing the stick all the way in whatever direction you are inputting… So if you are doing a QCF (Quater Circle Forward) move you are pushing the stick all the way to the back then sliding across to DB, D, DF and F but you dont need to go all the way to the back to activate the switch inside of the stick because it’s pretty sensitive.

And octo gates can be found easy and cheap so thats not a problem… and it’s really easy to switch out too…


Yeah, I never really commented in the xbox forums as my xbox shat itself for the 3rd time and I gave up on it and switched over. But every now and then I will head back over to the xbox SSFIV forums to see what’s going on.

Yeah I kinda gathered that that was the case with the gate riding. It would seem that you have to be pretty rough with your stick to achieve this, or just get real excited haha.

Ohwell, I feel a little better now about the square gate in the TE stick. And hopefully if need be I can find myself an octagonal gate, but from what I can gather that wont be necessary.

Cheers fella’s!