Help with genesis emulators!

hi, i was wondering if anyone knew of any genesis emulators which supports fourplayers so i can play micromachines and bomberman with friends? ive got GENS but im not sure how to configure it to play 4 players and i thought thi is probably the best place to ask given how people already use alot of emulators. many thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Gens 2.10 should work just fine. If your up for some ol skool gens just hit me up whenever you see me on kaillera. The name to look out for is Dr. G-Funk.

best sega emulator i would use is - Fusion. plays every sega game from nearly every sega console - all in one :wgrin:

And it doesnโ€™t lag when you play it online

lol wtf didnt know you could do online fusion :wonder: hmmmm better get me that lol :rofl: