Help with getting into this game!

Hey guys.

So i just bought this game and I haven’t really figured out the meta or what character to play as. I’ve completed some of Akihiko’s trials, but I just on’t like his playstyle.

Any tips?

Try another character’s trials?
Still not understanding most of these questions asking about meta. I guess most of the game is revolving around oki and rushdown?

You could try playing the other characters and see if you like how they play.

Just doing trials doesn’t really give you a feel for how they play at neutral or other stages though.

What kind of characters do you usually like in other fighting games? Rush down? Zoning? Poking?

Try out a variety of playstyles and get a feel for what you like. As far as the meta, do you mean who the top characters are? If so, that would be Mitsuru and Aigis, though every character is more than viable.