Help with GG#R for PC!

I just got gg#r for the pc, but I don’t think the controlls are right. Can someone plz show me how the button layouts are supposed to be?? Thx…:tup:

IIRC its

Kick-Heavy Slash

P - S - D
K - HS

Haven’t played GG in the arcade for AGES




been playing neowave too long


Does this (-) mean that button is useless??

It means that there’s an empty space there that is about as big as if a button was actually there. Atomiswave only supports a max of 5 buttons.

Thanks ALOT Saotome:tup: So does the kick button go up or down???

Kick is on the top left, as Zand posted.

you shou8ld listen im the #1 us gg player according to my custom title

Sweet thanks alot…

People tend to get the punch and kick backwards

who the fuck puts kick on the top? that shit always throws me off lol

Since japanese button layout is in an arc, P, K, S, H kinda go in a row, from weakest to strongest.

Exactly why people get it confused.

On japanese cabs though its kind of playing on older snk games, so it goes up in strength in the order of your fingers, but dust is in a pretty funny place I have to use the side of my finger. I agree it does throw you off a little at first but once you get use to it, it’s just as easy, if not easier than a SF layout. Especialy on a japanese set up.

Since everybody’s talking about #Reload for the PC I’ve got a question of my own:

Everytime I play the game the music lags in a funny way. When I go to select a character it’ll play the title screen’s song for a few seconds and then play the song for the character select. The same thing goes for all of the stages and everything else. So the basic thing is that the previous song plays for a few seconds and then the correct song loads after that. This is a real problem when I want to hear the song just before the fight starts where they show both of the fighters. Does anybody know of anything that could help me out?

^How fast is your comp?

Actually all the main GGXX games: XX, both #Rs and probably Slash all run on Naomi. OH SNAP!

And that first layout you mentioned is also correct to an extent, so it really depends on your arcade though.

Rokusho :

I have the same problem, and after trying to solve it in every possible way (re-installing the game, re-dowloading it from different places, etc…) with no success, I decided to disable the sound. If anybody has ideas on what is the cause of this problem, I’d be happy to hear them. The funny thing is that I know several people who installed the game from the exact same iso I downloaded and they didn’t have that problem… :xeye:

You should also note that there are pirated versions floating around. I’ve never seen anybody play the pirated version, but heard that they have some bugs.