Help with GJ xx mp, f+hp

God I feel SO NEWB! So I just picked up Yun. My experience with 3s is very little, I played Ken to get my basics down, and I wanted to learn Yun cuz I think he’s a pretty fun character. But I’m having TONS of trouble getting down: GJ xx mp, f+hp the majority of the time. My trouble has nothing to do with linking the mp, and f+hp…it has to do with…activate xx mp

Now, I know that people will say “just practice” however I was wondering if you guys could let me in on a simple secret/marker to look for when activating. I’ve been trying for about a day now, and I STILL can’t consistently link the two!

Help please?

this has nothing to do with yun, but with stick control and execution. so…just practice. eventually you’re gonna learn to jab short strong qcfx2 without any hassles.

Well…maybe i’m not clarifying what i’m having problems on. I’m not having problems clocking out the super…I’m having problems linking the combo.

lp, lk, mp xx GJ link mp

As I’ve practiced more often, I’ve been able to get it out about 1 in 4 times…but I need to be able to get it out AT LEAST 1 out of 2…

^^you wanna pretty much do the mp right after he puts his arms down. If u press mp and nothing comes out then you know ur doing it too early, if the mp comes out but doesnt connect then too late.

No. You need to get it out at least 1 out of 1 times.


If you can’t link the s.MP, you could just opt for doing c.LKs into f+s.HP or s.HP, f+s.HP. Less damage, fucks up a lot of ‘specialized’ GJ corner combos, but it’s better than getting nothing at all. I actually favor that online, since I have some prollems linking it sometime in lag.

I had a problem with that for a long time, as well. I figured out what I was doing wrong, though, and fixed it and didn’t have a problem since. I mean, I don’t really play Yun, but I can still do it.

lp, lk, mp xx GJ, and then I would just hold forward, and do mp, hp. While the holding forward thing works, I could never get it to link, until I tried going neutral. I just let go of the d-pad during the super flash, and wait 'til that’s done, then press f+mp, (keep holding f) and then hp. Yes, I know f+mp isn’t anything, but that’s just how I do it.

For some reason going neutral made it work for me, I’m not sure how you do it.