Help with gouken vs Viper and gouken vs Balrog match up

Both of these character are pretty hard to fight with gouken. I don’t need much help with balrog match up but Viper I NEED TONS OF HELP LOL

I was playing a viper today and got my ass handed to me. It was very hurtful to my pride lol.

No wake up, no zone because of groundslam, Im allways getting hit out of demon flip. her mix up is so good I just become mind @##$ed. I know Im not the best gouken so what can I freaking do to her lol.

thanks in advance

Honestly against a good viper, one who knows the match up and how to use feints and cancels. You have to be patient. In the air I thin gouken has a little advantage his jumping RH is pretty good against her. Try to avoiding focus fishing and Kongo when she is on the ground. Jumping back and learning to safe dive kick her wake up game are vital in this match up. And learn to crouch tech with mk in close as it will knock her out of her overhead. And learn to block her well on her BK cross ups and BK neutral jumps. Its a tough match up indeed against an experienced viper. But one punishment opportunity and gouken can put a hurt on the frail woman.

yes the viper I fight is VERY good with fakes and cancels. It also don’t help that i never fight Viper ever. There is no tourny scene in st louis lol and online all I fight is well you know ryu so yea. yes whenever i do hit him its with RH yes its good. Crouch tech?excuse my ignorance but could you explain a little more lol. I think i know what your talking about but not sure. Yes she has low health and whenever i could hit him and do meaty combo’s they would damage the hell out off her.

here is a first to 10 matchup i recorded with a good viper player.
i put some commentary in as well.
hopefully you find it helpful.

here is a match i recorded with a really strong balrog player

Crouch teching is holding downback and hitting LP+lk+mk at the same time and the game will prioritize whatever command is needed I’m not very good at explaining this and since I’m posting on my Droid its difficult for me to insert video and forum post examples there is a video of option selects up somewhere and the normal is to do it without out the mk and based on the situation you will either block an attack, tech a throw, or your medium kick will come out. Set up a viper training dummy to do these three things cr.jab tic throw than do a crouching jab into her overhead and than chain 3 crouching jabs together. And you will have to time your crouch tech(lp+lk+mk) after her jabs and see what happens. On the first one you’ll block the jab and tech the throw, on the next one you will block the jab than you should knock her out of her overhead with medium kick and the last one you should just be able to block all the jabs. Just be carefully as a lot of good players can get around. And if you tried the same inputs while standing I believe it will do nothing but throw. Experiment and try with different character tic throw set ups to get good at it.

Edit. Oh and raun your videos and our matches have helped tremendously. I’m sure I can speak for most of us in here your efforts are greatly appreciated.