Help with Guile Combo

I’ve been trying this combo out over and over and I’m not even sure if it works:

In the corner jump in HP, s.HP, sonic boom, xx Sonic Hurricane. I try to rev it back and charge as soon as I hit the the foward for the sonic boom so that I can try to land a Sonic Hurricane after the Does this combo even work???

you should try that combo in the corner that wong did on the ultimate mvc2 dvd vol.1, against isaac grahmn…it was kinda like the cyclops inf config, and you just start juggling them for like 3-4 hits after you land

what are you talking about:confused:

anyway, that combo does work. go to and dload one of majestros’s two guile vids, and he does it in P groove against a ken. i think that you need to cancel the crouching mk as LATE as possible to allow for enough time to charge. here’s the explanation he gave (and remember he threw a sonic boom first, then jumped in with the hp…

This combo starts off as one Guile has had since his introduction as a character. The c.MK into Sonic Hurricane link is what makes it interesting and worthwhile. However, this link should come as no surprise. Guile has always had the ability to link his c.MK into his c.LP and c.MP attacks. His Sonic Hurricane has less startup time than either of those two, so it’s logical to assume that his c.MK would link into the Sonic Hurricane. The ability to perform that link gives Guile the time to rebuild his charge after using it up to do the second Sonic Boom in the combo. The incredible instant range of the Sonic Hurricane allows it to connect after a full-range c.MK attack.

Hevad this is CVS2 NOT MVC2.:lol:

Thx for the tip popoblo.

off topic kinda:

i usually do this chain with guile, was wondering does it actually combo, it’s an all right blocked chain but i never found out if it actually combos if it hits since i never got it to:
[optional cross up LK], cr.LK, cr.LP, cr.MP -> HP sonic boom
cr.MP would combo into HP sonic boom for sure if i don’t add the first two hits… and i know cr.LP links into cr.MP just fine… but for some reasons i never get this entire thing to combo together if it hits. but it still makes for great blocked chain (but i think it’s possible to roll after the cr.MP if blocked far enough?).

what else can you do with guile after a sonic boom and run in? i do:
st.MK if sweep anticipated after blocked sboom
st.HK if poke anticipated
st.HP if jump anticipated
cr.HK for mixups
jump in cross up with LK for more rushdown (rushdown guile :)), then continue with the blocked chain above

The cr MK, sonic hurricane is not a cancel, it’s a link

no this doesn’t combo, ofcourse you could do the sonic hurricane at the end instead, but i’m sure you know that. . .
i prefer to throw the jp sonic boom instead of the fp one when i actually do throw it because yes they can roll or counter roll through and punish you.

i use most of the follow ups you use to maintain pressure except for c.rh, but i would add dash or run in and repeat chain landing a combo or continuing gaurd crush as well as simple run or dash and throw(dash works better in this case)

well there’s alot more options after that chain to mix it up but i’d just start rambling

hey Deadspace, if u ever check this thread again, try this. after the fierce, when the do the sonic boom, don’t hit punch when u push forward. instead, after u hit forward, push back, and then hit punch for the sonic boom. this could give u enough charge time to do the sonic hurricane.

if this sounds complicated, i hope this will help:

jump (charge back), j.fp, s.fp, forward, back+p (sonic boom),, sonic hurricane