Help with happ competition joystick mod in xarcade

Hi, I’ve just registered to the forum now but have been reading threads from this website for quite a while. A few years ago I made the mistake of buying an Xarcade solo joystick and recently thought of modifying it instead of spending big money on a custom stick. So I’ve replaced the stock xarcade joystick with a Happ competition joystick but now when I use the joystick to go down, it sticks at down, any suggestions for what might have gone wrong during the installation of the happ competition joystick or any help will be appreciated, thanks in advance.
Will add pictures of the joystick below

any help?

From the picture, I think you have the ground wire connected to the wrong thing. The brown wire ground wire should be connected to the outermost metal prong, where your colored wires are currently connected. The colored wires should be connected to the middle prongs.

thanks man, that has sorted it