Help with Happ Competition Stick


Hi, I just successfully built my first custom arcade stick for the xbox 360. Everything works fine, except for some reason I cannot fit the pivot cylinder in the Happ Competition Joystick. When i put it in the stick, the bottom doesn’t make it out so I can hook up the E-ring, it’s basically even with the very bottom hole. What am i missing here, it just doesn’t seem physically possible to set it up w/ the pivot cylinder intact. I am using it w/o it currently. Can I cut the pivot cylinder down a bit so the bottom e-ring groove just pops out?

Thanks in advance.


I’ve built 3 custom happ sticks already, but am unsure of what the problem is. Pics would help.

You know theres a spring inside the stick right? You have to push down on it to get it to clear far enough to put the E-clip and the rest on. Its this pressure that is what also keeps the E-clip in place.

Sure you didn’t make your case too thick also? Won’t mount properly if so(unless you’re using pre-made case that previously had parts inside, then this is not a problem).


Thanks for the quick reply. Not pushing on the spring was exactly the problem. I didn’t realize you could push the spring like that on the bottom of the controller. The controller worked w/o it, but it did feel like it would “hang up” once in a while, this seemed to resolve that issue too.

Thanks again for the help.